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Kim Burt


United Kingdom
It’s really increased my confidence as a professional and given me the tools for lifelong learning.

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Why did you want to study a professional course?

"After completing a short-term graduate role in HR, I knew it was a career I wanted to pursue. I decided to complete the professional course to increase my knowledge of wider HR and understand the theory behind the practice, so that I could incorporate more strategic thinking into my day-to-day role."

Why did you choose to study at NTU?

"I actually completed my undergraduate and Masters degree at NTU, so I already knew about the high quality of teaching and the support that the lecturers and support staff give whilst you are studying. It’s also a bonus that I ended up working here too! NTU through and through."

How do you believe this professional course has affected your career and your current job role?

"The professional course has had such an impact on my career. It’s really increased my confidence as a professional and given me the tools for lifelong learning. I was even promoted to a higher role when I finished my course. It was such an amazing feeling that my employer had also recognised how far I had come in a short amount of time."

How would you rate the teaching and support staff on this course?

"An easy 10. The teaching staff were amazing and so supportive throughout. Even if you’d had a bad day at work or just needed a one-to-one session to understand something better, they were always happy to help and support. They gave fantastic resources to support independent learning. The support staff were also fabulous, they always responded to any queries in a timely manner and were on hand to help with any issues. At the start of my course I had a meeting with the course admin and she was so helpful. She really put my mind at ease about any nervousness starting the course."

How did you balance studying alongside your professional role?

"The balance was hard, but having support from the teaching staff, my line manager and director really helped. I was able to take time out of my work for study and I was able to incorporate my learnings into my job role to work more effectively. I think it’s important to organise your time and prioritise your studies as it doesn’t last forever. I really feel like I blinked and suddenly it was all over!"

What was your favourite thing about your course?

"My favourite thing about the course was the sense of community I felt with my course mates. We were all in full-time work and so all in the same boat. We had a WhatsApp group where we could share ideas and ask for advice, and it was so helpful, not just for study but also for day to day work too. Creating that network really helps you to see your profession from another perspective, and it’s certainly taught me the value of having a professional network."

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