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Michael Madiro


The postgraduate community is great. There’s a real diversity within groups and its helped me to approach problems differently and develop my skills.

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After completing my undergraduate degree at Portsmouth University I was looking for more of a practical approach to my studies as opposed to just academic. I found Nottingham Business School by doing some research on the internet for courses that would meet my needs.

Nottingham Business School

I felt that the Business School could allow me to put the theory that I had learned in to practice in real situations. Other universities that I had looked at didn't offer a practical side to the course, they mainly focused on theory. Also the employability rates that I looked at for Nottingham Trent University graduates were very impressive and made me feel confident about joining the university for my postgraduate studies. I felt that the course will give me the leading edge in the competitive market because of the practical aspect of the course which incorporate new technology as this an important aspect for investment banking.


The trading room and the business building in general are really helpful for my particular course. The online portal NOW has been very useful, especially the student dashboard as it has allowed me to see my progression. The single online login is convenient too. The employability team here at NTU are also very helpful with applications and CV tips.

Teaching and Postgraduate community

The postgraduate community is great. There’s a real diversity within groups and its helped me to approach problems differently and develop my skills. Being exposed to people from different cultures and industries has helped me learn more effectively. Learning with others who have previous experience in the field is great as I know I will develop a better understanding of my course but also working with people who have less experience in my class is helpful as it makes discussions much more interesting. I feel that I can openly challenge my lecturers in discussions about my subject area.

Activities and involvements

The residential trips to the peak district was a good way of getting to know myself and others better. I worked hard to develop my team working skills and found that I could achieve much more if I collaborated with others. During the Global Financial Markets module I improved my presentation skills. I have also developed my interpersonal skills and communication skills whilst studying here at NTU. Being involved in the Trading and Investment Society has  helped me develop my skills and has been really informative and enjoyable. I have learned to communicate more effectively with people from different backgrounds.

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