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Viet Hung Tran

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My undergraduate degree was in Banking and Financial Investment so MSc finance and Investment Banking was a perfect degree to widen my knowledge. I wanted to develop good practical skills which is why I was attracted to this degree in particular as it allowed me to take part in a work placement.

The main features of the degree which I was attracted to were the practical aspect of investment banking and the use of the trading room which I knew would be beneficial for me. Having access to specialised software such as Bloomberg terminal software is extremely valuable as it has given me a practical insight in to a career in investment banking.

Nottingham Business School

I chose to study at Nottingham Business School because of the ranking position the school holds compared to other universities in the UK. I knew that I could study here with confidence and leave with all the skills I would need to have a successful career.

The school’s links with industries abroad appealed to me as I felt the connections would be beneficial when applying for work placements. The skills that these industries could equip me with would help me be more employable.

Degree structure and content

I think that my degree has provided me with all the skills I need to give me a leading edge in my field. The programme has developed my communication skills, time management skills and decision making skills.

The most valuable development I have made whilst studying here is my change in perspective. After working with people from many different cultures and backgrounds I have developed a much more global perspective of issues and topics which are relevant to my career and studies. I can interact with a diverse group of people and have a good understanding of their opinions.


The facilities at Nottingham Trent University are modern and support my learning – all classrooms have a PC and projector which means we can share slides with other students in the class. Boots library is very spacious and has PCs across four floors which means there’s always a computer available to do your work.

Postgraduate community

The community at NBS encourages you to engage with different cultural groups and educational backgrounds. This creates diverse discussions and different points of views which we all enjoy getting involved in. There is always a good atmosphere in lectures and seminars. I now have a group of friends who are from different parts of the world and have different experiences and knowledge.

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