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Laurence holds two Bachelor's degrees in Law and British and Spanish Civilisation from the University of Nantes in France, where she enriched her legal foundation with a vast cultural understanding. To expand her expertise in climate change and energy law, Laurence furthered her studies at the University of Bergen in Norway, exploring the complexities of international climate change and energy governance. This experience broadened her perspective on the legal aspects of energy transition and sustainability.

Laurence pursued specialisation in Natural Resources Law, earning an LL.M. from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in 2021. After this experience, she completed an LL.M. degree from the University of Limoges in France, specialising in International and Comparative Environmental Law. Her studies focused on French, Canadian, and Tunisian comparative environmental law.

Laurence Teillet is currently pursuing a PhD at Nottingham Law School, where she focuses on the prosecution and convictions of environmental activists for piracy, under the supervision of Dr Mark Chadwick, Dr Luigi Daniele and Prof Jonathan Doak.

“To me, embracing climate justice is an imperative endeavour, essential to future-proof Law as a resilient discipline. It stands as a response to the pressing challenges of our time: fostering social equality and welfare while resolutely pursuing climate adaptation and mitigation strategies.

In my PhD, I am researching the prosecutions and convictions of environmental activists for piracy. The misuse of the piracy definition poses a significant problem, as it enables any State worldwide to prosecute environmental activists under the universal jurisdiction associated with piracy, even for minor acts of violence. Enhancing the definition of piracy would promote climate justice by safeguarding environmental defenders from unjust prosecutions. This approach does not condone violence but rather emphasises the importance of the principle of opportunity of pursuits and appropriate legal justifications for prosecution.

In addition, I have a broad interest in International Environmental Law and the Law of the Sea. I regularly write and publish articles on the impact of climate change on security and strategic issues.”

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