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Thesis Title: Earwitness Memory: Factors that influence voice recognition accuracy across the adult lifespan
Georgina is a second year PhD student interested in applying memory research to real world forensic settings. The working title of her research project is Earwitness Memory: Factors that influence voice recognition accuracy across the adult lifespan.

Georgina is currently investigating speaker and listener variables to determine whether they have any influence on voice perception and voice recognition memory. Specifically, she is interested in whether speaking fundamental frequency (SFF) and speech rate can change a person’s perception and recognition memory for a voice.

Georgina is also interested in whether the age of the listener affects how a voice is perceived and later recognised from memory. Older adults tend to perform more poorly on long-term memory tasks than younger adults. Furthermore, an own age bias for faces is often apparent with individuals being more accurate when estimating faces from their own age group. Yet research on the older adult population is significantly lacking for voices.

Given that voice lineups are used as part of police investigations and the information obtained can be used as evidence in court, the outcomes of this piece of research may have practical implications for conducting lineups and my help to determine the reliability of such witness information if used in court.

Director of Studies

Dr Andrew Dunn

Research Groups / Centres and Projects

Cognition and Perception Research Group


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