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Gianna Myers


United Kingdom
I know exactly what I want to do with my career and this course has helped solidify that. It has also been really fun meeting new people and expanding my horizons.

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About you...

What degree did you take at undergraduate level and where did you study?

I studied BSc Psychology at DeMontfort University Leicester.

Did you take a break in between your undergraduate degree and the postgraduate degree? If so, what did you do in this study break?

No I moved straight from undergraduate to postgraduate level.

Why did you want to undertake a postgraduate degree, and do you think it has benefitted your career aspirations?

I undertook an UG because I couldn’t progress into the career I wanted without it. I really liked the look of the course I did so I went for it. It’s benefitted my career aspirations definitely because I now have Stage 1 training towards chartership.

Why NTU…

Why did you choose NTU and your course?

It was the best course I could see of them all. It was my number 1 choice so I’m glad I got in. The staff looked really amazing and the connections that the staff had to establishments was something I wanted to be involved in. Also the making of the SOCAMRU was really interesting to me.

Could you describe your experience of being a Postgraduate NTU student?

Stressful, hard-work, but 100% worth it. Probably one of the hardest challenges I have faced but it has been so worth it. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my professional identity. I know exactly what I want to do with my career and this course has helped solidify that. It has also been really fun meeting new people and expanding my horizons. I’ve overall really enjoyed the course.

How would you describe the support from your tutors, university staff and student services?

From the staff I have gone to for help they have been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more support or help. Even when it is out of hours I still received a response just so that I felt I was heard. I’ve really appreciated that.

My supervisor especially has been amazing and a great support in anything I have needed or wanted to discuss.

Outside of the Lecture Theatre…

What three words would you use to describe Nottingham?

Fun, diverse, student-friendly.

Where is a good place to eat, drink or visit in the city?

Penny Lane – great for cocktails and a fun night out

Mojo – again a great night out

Horn in hand – great for food and student friendly

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

Surprisingly yes, compared to my undergrad where I didn’t really speak to anyone and everyone kept themselves to themselves. A PG is more intimate so you get to speak to most people. It’s really nice everyone chats and supports one another and you end up making a few friends.

The Next Steps…

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU as a postgraduate student?

I haven’t reached out to employability but my course team have been really helpful.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying to NTU?

Do it, it’s hard and requires a lot of dedication but it’s really rewarding. Even if you don’t know what your career will be just go for it because there is so many transferable skills. It’s really worth it if you put the time and effort into the course. You get out what you put in basically.

What is one thing you wish you knew before starting at NTU?

How challenging it would be. Some of the modules on this course are difficult and sometimes it becomes frustrating. But it’s not unattainable you just have to keep going.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418
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