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Thesis Title: EEG studies of multisensory integration using degraded stimuli

Jemaine's research interests include multisensory (visual and auditory) perception and hearing impairment. PhD Thesis (working title): EEG studies of multisensory integration using degraded stimuli.

In everyday life, information from our senses is combined in the brain in order to create a comprehensive view of the world; this process is known as multisensory integration. Arguably, the most important example of multisensory integration occurs during conversation. Research has shown that visual information (face of the speaker) combined with auditory information (voice of the speaker) can aid speech perception for both people with normal hearing and those with hearing impairments (Rouger et al., 2007).

However, how audio-visual integration occurs has been debated. Therefore, Jemaine's thesis will examine what happens in the brain when audio-visual integration is subjected to different levels of degraded stimuli. Experiments will include behavioral and EEG methods. This research aims to inform theories of multisensory integration and could potentially have clinical implications for people with hearing impairments.

Funding: Vice Chancellor Scholarship 2015

Director of Studies

Dr Paula Stacey

Research Groups/Centres and Projects

Cognition and Perception research group

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