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Thesis Title: Planning scope in written sentence production

I am a PhD student in the School of Social Sciences undertaking a research in planning scope in written sentence production.

My research concerns the linguistic structure that is cognitively planned before people initiate the production of spoken and in particular written sentences. The results of this research will give insight into whether spoken and written language are planned differently and how sentences are linguistically structured before people initiate the phonological output.

In order to understand how language production is planned, behavioural psycholinguistic experiments are being deployed that involve the production of short sentences in response to controlled arrays of images. Voice and key stroke onsets are being measured and aligned with eye movements on the image arrays. Onset latencies and eye movements on the presented images of sentences with different complexity, in combination with statistical modelling, enable him to understand what people are planning when before they produce language and in the time course of language production.

I hold a Master's of Science degree in General Linguistics from the University of Potsdam (Germany). During my master's studies in Germany and Sweden I worked mainly on sentence processing and working memory interference using eye tracking at the lab of Professor Dr Shravan Vasishth. Additionally, I worked with data from electromagnetic articulography in the research group of Professor Dr Adamantios Gafos that aims at modelling the temporal structure of syllables.

Director of Studies

Dr Mark Torrance
Prof Thom Baguley
Dr Natalie Braber

Research Group / Centres and Projects

Cognition and Perception


Jens Roeser, Lena Jäger, Lena Benz, and Shravan Vasishth. Encoding and retrieval interference in dependency resolution. In proceedings of 27th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Columbus, OH, 2014. Ohio State University.

Jens Roeser, Nomiki Koutsoumpari, Phil Hoole, Chakir Zeroual, Adamantios Gafos. Syllabification of word-medial clusters in Moroccan Arabic. In proceedings of Phonetik und Phonologie 8, Jena, Germany, 2012. Friedrich-Schiller-Universität

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