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Short courses in Photography, Film and Television

Fully immerse yourself in our state of the art studios, labs, mac suites and darkrooms. You'll learn from, and collaborate with, industry experts while sharing experiences and new techniques with likeminded people.

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Beginners, improvers and professionals are all welcome to attend a short course where you'll meet other adult learners who share your interests to achieve personal and professional goals.

Courses run during evenings and weekends as well as intensive, week long courses during the summer.

If you'd like to discuss which course is right for you or have additional questions we'd love to help! You can email us or give us a call on +44 (0)115 848 2813.

Adobe Photoshop

This course is suitable for anyone looking to apply Adobe Photoshop to either artistic pursuits or professional projects. It’s also ideal if you’ve attempted to learn the basics online and would like to consolidate your skills and learn the most efficient ways of working in the software, as you’ll be learning directly from an expert with years of knowledge and experience.

Darkroom Practices: Experimental Cyanotypes

Learn how to create cyanotypes using a variety of materials and experiment with alternative techniques to achieve stunning and unconventional results. This course is ideal for photography and darkroom enthusiasts, artists, and any creative image-makers interested in pushing the boundaries of the traditional image-making processes.

Developing an Eye for Architectural Photography

This practical course will appeal to anyone interested in the built environment and how the aesthetic qualities of buildings can be captured in a photograph. You’ll explore urban spaces old and new, inside and out, learning how to work effectively with your camera. You’ll approach the subject from both an editorial and fine art perspective, giving your work a breadth of content that will appeal to a range of audiences.

Digital Editing for Photographers

On this Mac-based course you’ll learn how to enhance still images in post-production, develop new editing techniques and unlocking the power of industry-standard image editing software. You might be a photographer looking to improve your images for publication or portfolio, or someone working in design and marketing who needs to enhance and manipulate images.

Experimental Moving Image

On this practical course, you’ll learn how to create individual and expressive moving image works, generating unique content, short films and sequences with a contemporary art focus.

Photography: Essential Skills and Creative Approaches

This course is designed to take novice photographers and teach them the basic science, technology, craft, and art of photography, and to develop the knowledge and skills to create technically sound, interesting, and professional images.

Portrait Photography: Essential Skills and Creative Approaches

Most of us wish to be able to take great portraits of our family and friends, as well as be able to capture striking images of people and cultures when travelling. However, taking pictures of people can be a challenge, even for the most experienced photographer. This very practical course will therefore help you take your portraits to the next level, control the light to capture the best shot, and gain confidence as a photographer.

Still Life Photography

This course will teach you how to capture the beauty of an object in a photograph. It blends theoretical and practical learning and will appeal to anyone interested in the art of creating still-life images and the aesthetics of compositions.

Video Making for Marketing and Communications

This course is for marketers or small business owners who want to create effective short videos for little or no cost. By the end of the course, you’ll understand all the stages of the production process, and have a finished video ready to share with your audience.

Wildlife Photography

This inspiring course is for photographers, ramblers and outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in taking amazing wildlife photographs. It’s the perfect opportunity to hone your on-location camera skills, capture amazing images for your portfolio and share an outdoor adventure with fellow photographers.

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