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Implementing SCALE-UP at your institution

NTU was the first UK institution to introduce SCALE-UP across an extensive range of subjects in 2013/14. As such, we are experts in the pedagogy and have scaled it up so it is commonly used across our Schools and courses. NTU's reputation for the pedagogy and it's effects to reduce gaps in non-continuation and attainment for under-represented students led to it being awarded the Guardian University Award for Course and Curriculum Design in 2019.

As experts, we are proficient in sharing our practice, our lessons learnt and how you can effectively implement SCALE-UP at your institution. The package is broken down into four key areas:

  1. Bespoke one-off events
  2. A workshop package with digital badging
  3. A SCALE-UP resource hub
  4. A consultancy package

Each area of the package, what is included and what you can expect are detailed below.


Bespoke one-off events

Institutions interested in promoting and developing SCALE-UP can request bespoke sessions from the Educational Development Team. Such sessions can be tailored to individual institution's needs, but might include:

  • What is SCALE-UP?
  • Theory of SCALE-UP
  • Why SCALE-UP: the evidence
  • Practical taster

How do I book?

You can contact our Educational Development Team to find out more about this package, how it can be tailored to your needs and cost or book via this Microsoft Form.


Workshop packages

Workshop packages are designed for Higher Education Institutions, or individual educators who are looking to adopt SCALE-UP as a core pedagogy to increase active, collaborative learning, and address progression and attainment disparities. Workshops have two packages, 'Introductory' and 'Expert' they can either be booked as individual sessions or as a full package.

Each workshop in the series includes:

  • Pre-workshop activities
  • A four-hour workshop with expert facilitation
  • Post-workshop activities
  • Access to the SCALE-UP online resource hub

Workshops are run periodically throughout the year and you can sign up via this Microsoft Bookings Form.

The workshops within each package are detailed below:

Introductory package

The introductory package is meant for educators who are new to SCALE-UP or who want to focus on the core principles of the pedagogy. Participants will receive a digital badge for each workshop complete, and upon successful completion of all three workshops will receive a certificate of completion.

Introduction to SCALE-UP

This workshop is the first in the introductory series and is suitable for participants with no previous experience or knowledge of SCALE-UP.

The workshop covers the fundamental principles of SCALE-UP, including:

  • What is SCALE-UP?
  • Theory of SCALE-UP
  • Why SCALE-UP: the evidence
  • SCALE-UP classrooms
  • Components of SCALE-UP
  • Practical taster

Length: 4 hours

Delivery model: Online or in-person

Facilitating SCALE-UP

The Facilitating SCALE-UP workshop is suitable for participants who have attended the first workshop or who have a basic underpinning knowledge of SCALE-UP.

The workshop prepares participants to facilitate SCALE-UP delivery in the classroom and covers:

  • Flipped task: completed in advance
  • Group formation and roles
  • Flipped learning
  • Formative feedback / public thinking
  • Role of the facilitator in SCALE-UP

Length: 4 hours

Delivery model: Online or in-person

Designing SCALE-UP

This workshop completes the SCALE-UP introductory package and supports participants to design effective and engaging SCALE-UP modules and to embed these within course design and covers:

  • What works in curriculum design?
  • Backwards curriculum design
  • Collaborative learning module design
  • Learning activity design
  • Assessment design
  • Case studies

Length: 4 hours

Delivery model: online or in-person

Expert package

The expert package is designed for educators who have at least one years’ experience of delivering SCALE-UP modules and are looking to consolidate their understanding of the pedagogy, adapt it for different delivery models and become mentors or trainers to support roll out at scale. Participants will receive a digital badge for each workshop they complete, and upon successful completion of both workshops will receive a certificate.

Adapting SCALE-UP for online and blended delivery

This workshop is the first of the ‘expert package’ and is suitable for experienced SCALE-UP practitioners who are looking to consolidate delivery and adapt for different delivery models. It covers:

  • What is different in online and blended SCALE-UP?
  • Online group formation
  • Roles in an online setting
  • On-demand and live activities
  • Using technology

Length: 4 hours

Delivery model: online

Becoming a SCALE-UP trainer

The second of the expert workshops is designed for experienced practitioners who are seeking to become SCALE-UP trainers or mentors in their own organisations. It covers:

  • Designing training
  • Marketing
  • Delivering SCALE-UP inductions
  • The role of workshops
  • Delivering consolidation sessions
  • Developing resources
  • Building a community of practice
  • Supporting implementation at scale

Length: 4 hours

Delivery model: online or in-person


Resource hub

Participants of workshops will be given access to a SCALE-UP resource hub as part of the workshop fee. This hub will include pre and post expert class activities, curriculum design worksheets, editable resources such as role cards, and student information sheets. Access to the hub would be limited to one-year post participation in a workshop. Access can be renewed for a small annual fee.

To ensure the resource hub remains current and engaging to justify an annual subscription fee there is also the potential to include a range of other features, for example

  • An annual case study/use study journal
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Redacted outcomes of educational evaluations
  • Discounted access to an online version of the annual learning and teaching conference
  • Discounted access to the full annual learning and teaching conference



For institutions looking to embed SCALE-UP at scale, we can offer a bespoke consultancy service to support this activity. The consultancy would be bespoke, and tailored to the individual needs of the institution, however, could include the following areas:

  1. Considerations for implementation
  2. Designing SCALE-UP modules
  3. Learning design and case studies
  4. Supported pilot classes
  5. Understanding how to evaluate sessions

Please use this Microsoft Booking Form to express interest and one of our Educational Development Team will be in contact with you.