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About CenSCE

Welcome to the Centre for Student and Community Engagement (CenSCE). We’re all held back by stagnant social mobility. Watch the videos to find out why we do what we do for communities, individuals and society.

What we do

The Centre for Student and Community Engagement is dedicated to connecting and enabling society and NTU to flourish. With expertise in using data, research and pedagogy to advance Nottingham Trent University’s widening participation and social mobility agendas, CenSCE has earned a national reputation for innovation and quality.

We facilitate evidence-based programmes that raise attainment and help students develop characteristics, social and cultural capital required to access and succeed at university and beyond. The team delivers more than 700 activities each year, places 300 NTU undergraduates in local schools, works with over 30,000 pupils and matches more than 1,000 volunteers to a range of community projects.

Read the CenSCE summary 2021-22 to find out more about the department and our work.

Why we do what we do, for communities

CenSCE participants share their experiences of community in providing a sense of belonging and supporting success.

Empowering communities and encouraging a sense of belonging is an important part of the work we do at the Centre for Student and Community Engagement. We’re committed to improving outcomes for young people, our staff and students, communities and society as a whole. It is possible, even desirable, to be part of multiple communities - membership of one enhances the role you play in another.

Community membership increases life chances and is empowering. Communities address feelings of disconnect and isolation - you feel you belong to a community, and belonging is one of the keys to success. From Saturday Art Club, to our Student Mentor scheme, our staff and student volunteering programmes and everything in between, CenSCE works to develop communities in all shapes and forms. Every voice counts.

Like what you see? We run a range of programmes to support the empowerment of communities and encourage a sense of belonging. Click on your profile below to find out more and get involved.

We promote pockets of change… it’s a case of inspiring hearts and minds so the change can come from within…We’re trying to provide a route for them to be inspired and create their own social change.

Simon Robinson, Headteacher, Cotmanhay Junior School and CenSCE partner

Why we do what we do, for individuals

What are your projections? We explore what it is for each of us to be individuals, our propensity to learn and ability to thrive through participation.

CenSCE is committed to supporting individuals in their attainment, skills development and overall success not just pre-university entry, but also during their studies at NTU and beyond. We deliver a wide range of evidence-based activities, schemes and interventions designed to build character and enable growth.

Our in-school outreach provision supports skills development such as resilience, while our Students in Classrooms scheme benefits both NTU students in learning about themselves, and the pupils they support in their academic achievement. The Student Dashboard tool enables every NTU student to reflect on their engagement with their studies and become a more successful learner. All of our programmes are underpinned by evidence and research, to maximise the impact of our work in closing the attainment gap and improving outcomes for all.

By thinking about the barriers we may have to overcome, and by thinking about the opportunities that we can seize, we can be empowered to learn and to thrive.

Explore some of our programmes below.

Your life should not be tracked out before you are born. Unless you work with the data... and understand the factors that influence your whole life...there’s nothing you can do to change young people’s life chances.

Mike Kerrigan, Strategic Data and Intelligence Manager, CenSCE

Why we do what we do, for society

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Eunice Simmons explains why society is like a piece of music and misses out on the untapped energy of those who are held back.

With our ambitious mission statement ("connecting and enabling society and NTU to flourish"), CenSCE is committed to supporting individuals and communities that make up society as a whole, in seizing opportunities and achieving success.

Society is made up of people with huge potential, some of whom may be starting from a more disadvantaged position than others. Without intervention, inequality can last a lifetime. CenSCE works towards closing this gap in supporting equality of opportunity for all. We understand the importance of people seeing they are represented in all areas of society, from education to politics and everything in between. We know that education enables voices to be strengthened, words to be chosen and values to be formed. But this won’t happen unless every child is given a fair chance at a good education, and a chance to choose a route to adulthood that is right for them.

Get involved and explore a selection of our opportunities to enrich society.

Fairness in society is about everyone having an equal opportunity to participate. If social mobility is poor, we are all poorer.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Eunice Simmons

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