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After you receive a Clearing offer

Congratulations! You’ve received an offer to study at NTU. These are your next steps.

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You've done it — you’ve secured a place at NTU, the 2023 Modern University of the Year!

But even then, you might still have a few things on your mind. There are lots of myths around Clearing, and students across the UK assume that because they've changed their plans, or because they're arriving a little later in the game, they're somehow missing out. That's not true: whichever route brings you to NTU, you'll still enjoy the same life-changing opportunities and award-winning support. We guarantee it.

Before we get to all the really good stuff, there are a few small steps you'll need to complete to finalise your NTU offer. Once that's done, we're ready and waiting to welcome you — and your adventure can properly begin!

Step 1: Review your application details, and make sure everything's correct

After making your call to NTU, check your inbox for an email confirming your offer, along with our terms and conditions. These might not be the most exciting things in the world, but they're important — so please, take a little time to familiarise yourself.

Your offer is based on the same information you provided in your UCAS application, so check to make sure everything you've told us is accurate. Any inconsistencies at this point can really slow the whole process down. You'll also be asked to confirm things like your residency status ('Home' or 'Overseas'), and whether you've studied at NTU before.

If we need any additional documents — your portfolio for example, of copies of your certificates — you can upload them through the online form.

If you find any information that needs changing, let us know straight away. Just give us a call on +44 (0)115 848 6000.

Step 2: Press that button, and accept your offer!

Clearing's all about new possibilities. You could end up receiving lots of offers throughout the day, so weigh up the key questions (location, course quality, industry connections, extracurricular opportunities etc.), and make the right call for you.

If you feel like NTU's your perfect fit — and we're confident we are — then here comes the fun part: just log on to UCAS from 1 pm on results day, add your new NTU course as your Clearing choice, and accept it. We'll ask you to do this within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation email; we're a popular uni with big competition for places, so the sooner we know you're coming, the sooner we can start getting things like your accommodation sorted.

If you encounter any problems with adding your Clearing choice — or if you need to request an extension — then don't panic; just contact us on +44 (0)115 848 6000.

Step 3: Checks and confirmation

Once you've done that, our Admissions team will check through your results to make sure everything matches up, and your NTU place will be confirmed on UCAS. We're working on thousands of applications, and this process can take up to 72 hours — so please don't worry if we're not in touch right away. Your NTU place is already secured, and you can rest easy.

Keep an eye out for an email from us confirming everything's been verified. It'll also include some really useful advice on starting at NTU.

Now's a good time to start exploring our website and social channels for some of the extraordinary things that are happening daily outside of NTU's lectures. With over 160 clubs and societies to pick from — all coordinated by our incredible Union, NTSU — have a think about the kinds of adventures that could complement your learning experience. You're not going to spend three years in the library, after all!

Step 4: Find yourself a new home away from home

Obviously, you're going to need somewhere to live. NTU's halls of residence are spread across our campuses, the city of Nottingham, and the whole county, and for thousands of our students they're a big part of the first-year experience. Visit our student accommodation pages to check out the list of available NTU, University Partnership Programme (UPP), and private residences, and then use the link we supplied in your verification email to lock in your preferred choice.

Step 5: Think about your finances

Student loans

If you've already applied for funding but changed your choice of course or university, you'll need to update your details — and if you haven't applied yet, you'll need to do so immediately after accepting your Clearing place. Either way, it's a priority!

Get money ready

Independent living is great fun, but it can also be a challenge at times. Gourmet tastes don't tend to last too long on a bargain budget, but it's all just a learning process, and the skills and experiences you're about to acquire will set you up for life.

We've included some handy tips on managing your money on our student intranet. You can access our support and resources for the duration of your studies, including:

  • money workshops
  • a budget spreadsheet
  • advice on making your money last
  • money-saving tips.

Clearing guidance for international students

We welcome Clearing applications from International and EU students.

Any questions?

Need a friendly chat? To get in touch with our Clearing advisers: