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Po-Sen Wang

Po-Sen Wang from Taiwan studied our online Certificate in Pre-sessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP). Hear more about his experience.

Did you do the course online? What was it like?

Yes, I had my PEAP course online due to pandemic, COVID-19. Everything including teaching materials and interactive activities during the PEAP was online on Microsoft Teams.

Can you give an example of how you were taught, and an activity you had to do where you learned a lot?

At first, I wasn't used to it. But I gradually enjoyed it because there were opportunities to have discussion in online breakout rooms (Microsoft Teams) with your classmates and we had some preview work before each class to help you acquire knowledge during the class.

What were the best bits about the course?

During the PEAP course, you can discuss academic topics with your classmates and we can work hard together in order to get our English ability improved. This was a good moment to make some friends even it was a short period to study together online.

Do you think this course is better than doing an English language class locally?

It is easy to learn English everywhere, but the key point is how we learned to critically evaluate and judge the viewpoints from others or academic articles. This is a rare chance to train your critical thinking in English. In addition, teachers are kind and patient to help you with academic English so the PEAP is always the best choice for you to enhance your logical thinking.

Do you feel prepared for starting your degree course at NTU now you’ve done PEAP?  Explain how it has prepared you for future studies.

No matter which major you study in, it is very important to show your academic English and critical thinking in UK education. I felt prepared for my MSc Computer Science because we were trained a lot in logical thinking for academic writing. This skill is always helpful for your study.