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Health and Wellbeing Research Network

Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies

Research theme: Health and Wellbeing

School: Nottingham Business School

The aim of this research network is to provide an inclusive and engaging platform to colleagues who are currently involved in or are interested in doing health and wellbeing research and being informed about opportunities for collaboration in this area.

Some of the sub-themes that this research network will explore include Mental health and Well-being, Social and Organisational Psychology, Emotion and Affect, Memory studies, Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic research.

PhD Studentships / topics:

  1. ‘Workplace wellbeing after the COVID19 pandemic’

If you would like to be part of our mailing list, please email us with a few keywords describing your interest and area of research at:

  • Ishan Jalan
    Ishan Jalan
  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown
  • Peter Eckersley
  • Pete Murphy
    Pete Murphy
  • Zara Whysall
    Zara Whysall
  • Alan Collins
    Alan Collins


Theme: Mental health and well-being 

  • Ravenhill, J.P., Poole, J., Brown, S.D. And Reavey, P., 2020. Sexuality, Risk, And Organisational Misbehaviour In A Secure Mental Healthcare Facility In England. Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal For Research, Intervention And Care, 22 (12), Pp. 1382-1397. Issn 1369-1058
  • Brown, S.D. And Reavey, P., 2019. Vital Spaces And Mental Health. Medical Humanities, 45 (2), Pp. 131-140. Issn 2504-5229

Theme: Affect, Emotion and Memory studies

  • Brown, S.D., Kanyeredzi, A., Mcgrath, L., Reavey, P. And Tucker, I., 2019. Affect Theory And The Concept Of Atmosphere. Distinktion: Journal Of Social Theory, 20 (1), Pp. 5-24. Issn 1600-910x
  • Brown, S.D. And Reavey, P., 2015. Vital Memory And Affect: Living With A Difficult Past. Hove: Routledge. Isbn 9780415683999
  • Jalan, I., 2015. Researching dark emotions. Methods of exploring emotions, p.81.

Theme: Psychoanalytic and Psychosocial studies

  • Jalan, I., 2020. Treason or Reason? Psychoanalytical Insights on Whistleblowing. International Journal of Management Reviews, 22(3), pp.249-263.


  • Paula Reavey, Professor of Psychology at London South Bank University
  • Anthropocene Research Group, University of Leicester.

Related Projects

  • Leverhulme Trust, The Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Modern Britain (with Joanna Story and Marc Scully)
  • AHRC, Conflicts of Memory: Commemorating and mediating the 2005 London Bombings. (with Andrew Hoskins and Matthew Allen)