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Ishan Jalan

Ishan Jalan

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School

Staff Group(s)
Department of Human Resource Management


Dr Ishan Jalan is a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at Nottingham Business School. He is currently responsible for leading and teaching on courses such as Managing People and Organisations, Managing Change and Leading People in Organisations at the MBA, Executive MBA and on the Corporate Training Programmes in the Business School.

Ishan also teaches on a number of undergraduate and masters programmes on areas such as organisational behaviour, strategic human resource management, leadership, organisational psychology, international management, management consulting and qualitative research methods.

Career overview

Dr Jalan is a Chartered Psychologist (BPS), Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA).

Dr Jalan completed his PhD under Prof. Yiannis Gabriel, titled 'Envy as a defence against Lack: a psychoanalytic inquiry into destructive workplace emotions', from Bath School of Management. Prior to joining Nottingham Business School, Ishan was a Lecturer in Leadership and Management at Lancaster University Management School and was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Lund University (Sweden). Ishan has held a number of visiting positions in international institutions such as EMLYON and INSEEC in France, GDGWI in India, Bath University in UK and is currently a Visiting Faculty member at London School of Economics (LSE).

In addition to research and scholarship, Dr Jalan is an experienced coach and has provided consultancy to a number of national and international organisations on areas such as individual capacity building, leadership development and executive coaching, organisational diagnosis and development and mental health.

Research areas

Ishan specialises in studying subjectivity and emotions at work, psychoanalytic approaches to understanding organisational life and storytelling methodology. His broader interests lie in exploring future of work, leadership studies, mindfulness and organisational well-being. More specifically, his research projects and papers explore the following:

  • Emotions, affect and subjectivity: Organisations as emotion spaces; Interplay between emotions, individual subjectivity and organisational life; Dynamics and politics of emotions at work and in organisations; complex, taboo and hidden emotions (eg: envy, fear, shame, guilt, anxiety);
  • Psychoanalytic approaches: unconscious at work (e.g. narcissism, fear, fantasy, inter-subjectivity); defence mechanisms and how individuals defend themselves against work-related anxieties; exploring organisational darkness (eg: derision, toxicity, sabotage); whistleblowing and ethics; organisational health and individual well-being; group dynamics.
  • Leadership & management: dark side of leadership, leader dysfunctions & leader-follower relations (with a focus on gender, culture & non-western perspectives); group relations/ system psychodynamics perspectives and organisational consulting; sustainability and ethics of care;
  • Qualitative methodologies: Storytelling and narrative techniques; free association method; psycho-social approaches;

Dr Jalan has been PI and CI on a number of research projects. He recently completed an externally funded research project titled "Exploring the role of discreet emotions in the workplace". Ishan's current projects include understanding masculinity, sustainability and emotions, workplace retirement and meaningful work, and grief work.

Dr Jalan has supervised a number of PhD and DBA students on areas such as leadership, HRM, and international management. He welcomes prospective PhD/DBA applications in the following areas: leadership studies, emotions and subjectivity at workplace, psychoanalytic or psychological perspectives; narrative or storytelling methodology; topics exploring cultural, gender, non-western and international perspectives; organisational behaviour and hrm practices.

External activity

Dr Jalan is currently the coordinator and organiser of the Organisational Storytelling Seminar Series, founded by Prof. Yiannis Gabriel in 2001 and currently in its 19th year.

Ishan has organised, chaired sub-streams and presented in several international conferences and workshops. Currently, he is an active member of Academy of Management, European Group of Organisation Studies, British Academy of Management, European Academy of Management, Tavistock Institute, British Psychological Society, Royal Society of Arts, The International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organisations, and The Psychotherapy Action Network.

Ishan is an academic reviewer for a number of academic journals such as, International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR), British Journal of Management (BJM); Organization Studies, Human Relations, Organization, Culture and Organization (C&O), Leadership; Ephemera; Journal of Business Ethics (JBE).

Sponsors and collaborators

Dr Jalan frequently collaborates with colleagues from:

  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • University of Lille
  • Bath School of Management
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Liverpool University


Selected papers:

  • Jalan, I. (2015). Researching dark emotions: eliciting stories of envy. In Methods of Exploring Emotions (pp. 101-109). Routledge.
  • Jalan, I. and Gustafsson, S (2015). “Trust as a catalytic tool in speaking truth to power”, European Group of Organization Studies, Athens,
  • Jalan, I., Sinha, S., & Ulus, E. (2014). Narratives of fate and misfortune in organizational life: Stories of success and failure. Culture and Organization, 20(5), 410-429.
  • Jalan, I (2014). “Re-shaping work, identity and social citizenship: an ethnographic account”. European Group of Organization Studies, Rotterdam
  • Jalan, I. (2013), ‘Creative de-construction: the metamorphosis between being and becoming’, SCOS, Poland.
  • Jalan, I. (2013), ‘The ‘dark side’ of affect: the case of Envy in organizational life’, European Group of Organization Studies, Montreal.
  • Jalan, I (2012), ‘Organizing through Displacement, Travel and Movement: Transience, Transitions and Transformations’, Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, Barcelona
  • Sinha, S., Jalan, I., Ulus, E. (2012) ‘Importance of personal failure in investigating identity’, British Academy of Management (BAM), Cardiff

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Press expertise

Leadership, Emotions at work, Well-being and mental health, future of work, subjectivity at work, organisational behaviour