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Our purpose is to provide research and education that combines academic excellence with positive impact on people, business and society.

At Nottingham Business School, we’re thinking about you and your future. We’re excited about your potential, which is why we do everything we can to untap it. From the moment you enrol, we dedicate our time and energy into expanding your opportunities and unleashing your confidence.

We deliver a full portfolio of undergraduate, masters, part-time, executive education and research courses designed to give you the right blend of skills, knowledge, and experience for an incredible career.

Each course is innovative and stimulating and provides you with an opportunity to gain a truly international perspective to your learning whilst gaining valuable hands-on, applied experiences.

Through our Personalisation Programme, we’ll give you the tailored support you need to design your own learning journey and get hands-on with the real world so you can carve your own path. We will also make you think deeply about global sustainability challenges so that you can develop into globally responsible citizens that can make a lasting and positive impact on the world.

Our accreditations

Personalisation and Experiential Learning

Personalised support in a business school of our size is unprecedented: simply put, we’re dedicated to giving you everything you need to make this experience your own.

NBS Facilities

As a Nottingham Business School student, you’ll have access to fantastic facilities that have been designed to provide you with a unique and invaluable experience.

NBS competitions and challenges

At Nottingham Business School, we offer students the opportunity to participate in exciting business challenges that allow them to put their business skills to the test.

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