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NBS Research

Nottingham Business School is committed to excellent research which combines academic rigour with beneficial impact on social, economic and societal welfare, as well as informing the design and delivery of the School’s degree programmes.

From innovation and knowledge transfer to consumer and organisational behaviour, we collaborate with universities and commercial partners globally to deliver innovative solutions and make a positive impact on communities world-wide.

NBS continues to underpin its strong and positive trajectory in research capacity and performance by further strengthening its infrastructure of support for researchers at all levels. This is a school where researchers can reach their full potential and where the alignment of individual and collective success is fostered and celebrated.

We continue to invest in the recruitment of internationally-recognised scholars and to develop distinctive areas of research excellence as we build  beyond the 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

Research Centres

The School has six designated research centres.  Working with the University’s Research Office to secure external research funding, Nottingham Business School seeks to build on the success of recent bids, which has seen awards from a range of sources, including Horizon 2020, DfID and the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab

Founded in 2015 with the goal of supporting income generation, publication and business impact within the business school and across disciplines at NTU.

Centre for Economics, Policy and Public Management

The centre brings together research on economic and policy issues and public management across the whole public sector at international, national, regional and local scales.

Centre for People, Work and Organizational Practice

The research within the Centre explores the ways in which leadership and HR practices influence employees’ attitudes and behaviours at work.

Centre for International Business Strategy and Decisions

The Centre for IBSD investigates research phenomena of international importance for individuals, groups, organisations, cultures, and nations. Global challenges and opportunities ask for interdisciplinary international collaborations to find solutions regarding global sustainability (from nutrition to microfinance), sustainable cultures (migration, cultural adaptation, decision-making), multinational corporate strategies and transnational entrepreneurship decisions. Our Centre explores new avenues with a diverse set of theories and methods (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed) to identify configurations and reconfigurations in international business, global sustainability and geo-political settings.

Work, Informalisation and Place Research Centre

Providing innovative, interdisciplinary studies focusing on the spatial dimensions of contemporary work and employment in sectors such as hand car washes, nail bars, and small-scale garment manufacturing.

Centre for Behavioural Sciences

Research at this centre employs methods from various disciplines to gain deeper insights into human behaviour and decision making.

Centre for Finance, Technology and Society

The Centre for Finance, Technology and Society offers insights into current and emerging innovations in financial services facilitated by digital technologies, big data and AI, including Open, Decentralised, and Crypto Finance; and related implications for practice, policy and society.

CBIT - Centre for Business and Industry Transformation

Conducting world-leading & high-impact research in business transformation, building ventures to transform industries, empowering disruptive entrepreneurs through personalised education.

Research Degrees

We offer opportunities to read for an MPhil, PhD degree by research and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

We have a range of PhD opportunities currently available in the School. Our projects have been prepared by academics in areas closely related to their research interests to provide additional guidance when choosing your own PhD research area or topic.

We are proud to have one of the longest established DBA programmes in the UK, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018 with over 100 completions. Offering a unique balance of industry and academic practice, the NBS DBA is designed for senior professionals to leverage their careers and/or make the transition into the highest levels of academia.

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King
  • George Kuk
    George Kuk
  • Leighton Vaughan Williams
    Leighton Vaughan Williams
  • Martin Jones
    Martin Jones
  • Malcolm Sullivan
    Malcolm Sullivan
  • Piers Thompson
    Piers Thompson
  • Will Rossiter
    Will Rossiter

Research Reimagined

To us, research is about more than writing papers and proposing new ideas. By daring to think differently, we’re disrupting the research landscape and finding the answers to the questions that really matter. From ethics, innovation and entrepreneurship to behavioural science, we’re inspiring the brightest minds to rise up and find solutions to some of the most significant global challenges facing society.

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