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Centre for People, Work and Organizational Practice

Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies

Research theme: Health and Wellbeing

School: Nottingham Business School


The research within the Centre explores the ways in which leadership and HR practices influence employees’ attitudes and behaviours at work. We are also interested in labour supply changes and new forms of work. While some members deploy quantitative research designs, others adopt qualitative or practice-based perspectives. Our aim overall is to cast new light on the tensions and challenges facing individuals and their managers within the modern working environment.  We seek to influence scholarly communities, policy bodies and practitioners through our research and our engagement with policy bodies, managers and employees.

Our research is consistently published in world-leading ABS ranked academic journals such as Human Resource Management; Human Resource Management Journal; International Journal of Human Resource Management; Academy of Management, Learning and Education; Organisation Science; Organisation Studies; Human Relations and the British Journal of Industrial Relations.

The Centre has strong links with industry, academic journals (as editors and board members) and academic bodies such as the British Academy of Management, the British Academy and the ESRC. Centre Director Helen Shipton is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Human Resource Management, and Co-Chair on the British Academy of Management Executive Council. Professor Ian Clark Edited Work, Employment and Society (4*) from 2014-2018 and presented formal evidence to the Taylor Review (2017), the Watson Review of Work, (2017) and to the director of labour market enforcement, 2017). Dr Daniel King and Dr Amanda Hay deliver consultancy work to regional SMEs.

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Core Members

Other Core Members:

  • Catherine Abe
  • Mumin Abubakre
  • Yvonne Carlisle
  • Val Caven
  • Huw Fearnall-Williams
  • Nadia Kougiannou
  • Stefanos Nachmias
  • Sarah Pass
  • Maranda Ridgway
  • Amanda Thompson
  • Zara Whysall
  • Hazel Williams
  • Ning Wu
  • Nene Ibokessien
  • Noor Ali

Associated Doctoral Students:

  • Adam Kitt
  • Silvia Pirrioni
  • David Dahill




Related projects

Structuring for Voice - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Shipton, H. King, D.

Turning the spotlight on employee voice in order to uncover factors that influence voice, in particular why, when and how voice influences outcomes in conventional as well as alternative work structures.

Gendered Jobs - Caven, V. Nachmias, S. Abe, C.

This project explores the micro and macro factors that influence pay structure and occupational development to examine why people do the jobs they do, what factors influence their choices and how this contributes to the gender pay gap.

Department for Culture Media and Sport 50+ Evaluation - King, D. Rossiter, W.  Shipton, C.

Scale Up Evaluation - Oxborrow, L. King, D. Shipton, H., Smith, S. Abe, C. Stuart, J.

Evaluating the delivery and impact of the Scale Up programme, funded by the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and delivered by Nottingham Business School, on SMEs in the region.

Coaching for Creativity - Shipton, H. Nyfoudi, M.

Coaching for creativity is an innovative framework designed to develop an innovation culture in business and optimise the individual creativity and innovation through the use of a diagnostic and a tailored coaching oriented intervention.

Gangmaster’s Labour Abuse Authority - Clark, I. Fearnall-Williams, H.

A pilot study which examines the feasibility of licencing hand car washes, an area where there is currently significant labour market exploitation. This work will play a central role in the forthcoming Parliamentary inquiry into hand car washes conducted by the Environment Audit select committee.