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CBIT - Centre for Business and Industry Transformation

Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies

School: Nottingham Business School


CBIT - Centre for Business and Industry Transformation, is an integrated research approach bringing together industry transformation research, disruptive business practice, and education together into a continuous cycle.

We aim to:

  • Foster future leaders
  • Advance industry transformation research
  • Build disruptive businesses
  • Transform industry “norm”
  • Maximise positive impact in society and environment

This Centre will focus on helping businesses and entrepreneurs to transform their performance, productivity and innovative capability through a proven due-diligence methodology and techniques, which de-risks scaling up investment developed and delivered the core team. CBIT had three strands:


CBIT has a special focus to work with industry partners to co-identify, co-design and co-deliver high-impact world-leading research. Informed by industry challenges, CBIT will also augment the existing research base through evidence-based venture building practice.

Venture Building

The Venture Builder is a distinct arm of CBIT, which has built a traction in empowering disruptive businesses to transform the industry “norm”. It analyses innovative businesses through “fitness assessment” for “blue ocean” market opportunities.


CBIT’s education programme contains master’s degree programmes for business transformation, specifically designed for the family business successors and senior manager who are likely to become the next CEO. The programme is brought by the team who created the No. 1 ranked entrepreneurship programme in the UK (Eduniversal Best Master’s rankings in 2021).

We are currently open for Ph.D and DBA candidates to proposed own topics informed by practice.

The CBIT Venture Builder has accelerated disruptive business in many sectors, including:

  • FinTech – Personal Data based credit reference;
  • AI and ML – VR in machinery maintenance; Re-Identification of anonymous crowd
  • Travel and Leisure – hotel management, social travel, etc
  • Mobility Solutions - in-wheel motor; personalised travel; test house platform
  • Food – agile food manufacturing;
  • Farming and Agri – smart beef farm; urban farming; smart agri-tech
  • Construction – Net-Zero Concrete solution;

Programme of Research

The CBIT team has built a track record in accelerating disruptive technologies and creating applied research that benefits the wider society.

Our key research activities are in the fields of:

  • Digital Economy, particularly driven by Personal Data (owned by individuals) and PrivTech.
  • B2B platforms, competence mapping (for a region or sector) driven business collaboration, business cloud, and business benchmarking.
  • Transformative methodologies for businesses and their stakeholders in the value constellation: especially through the lens of system theory; service ecosystem; computational ontology; knowledge Representation.
  • Impact of technologies on business models, economic models and society: particular technology advancement from Data Science; IoT; Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Personal Data;
  • Business transformation and new business models for achieving better sustainability and towards Net Zero.

Typical application of our research in industries including:

  • Business Cloud for innovation capacity building, regonised by World Bank. This is through competence Mapping to identify regional economy strengths and weaknesses in order to stimulate innovations from reconfiguration of existing competences, or to invest into missing key competences. Application in UK Manufacturing Sector and Singapore high value manufacturing sector.
  • International Business Benchmarking Platform (IBBP). A novel approach to profile and benchmark business (or branch) performances through non-financial measurement (soft factors). Adopted by UK Manufacturing Sector, German Manufacturing and service sector, and UK-China Digital Economy Lab.
  • Digital twin for beef farming to improve sustainability across value chain and enable alternative finance models;
  • Smart animal husbandry models to reduce methane emission.
  • Smart agriculture to transform Agri-machinery manufacturing.
  • A Distributed Manufacturing Platform to collaboratively co-create additive layer products across a network of 3D-printing machines.
  • Privacy risk assessment and management tool for personal data shared across online service. Early adoption test in travel industry.

Flagship Projects

Thanks to our business partners and funders include EPSRC, ERDF, High Value Manufacturing Catapult, and Innovate UK, CBIT team has led and/or contributed to a range of industry-academic collaborative research projects. A selective project portfolio:

  • EPSRC funded - PRIvacy-aware personal data management and Value Enhancement for Leisure Travellers (PriVELT)
  • High Value Manufacturing Catapult funded - WMG Accelerator
  • ERDF funded - The International Institute for Product and Service Innovation.
  • H2020 - IMAGINE
  • H2020 - KET4CleanProduction
  • Innovate UK Funded – PLATFORM
  • Innovate UK Funded - IMPACT
  • EPSRC Funded - Future AI and Robotics Hub for Space (FAIR-SPACE)
  • EPSRC funded - Control and Trust as Moderating Mechanisms in addressing Vulnerability for the Design of Business and Economic Models (ConTriVE)
  • EPSRC Funded - Home Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) as Platform for Multi-sided Market powered by Internet-of-Things: Opportunities for New Economic & Business Model
  • EPSRC funded - Smart Me versus Smart Things: The Development of a Personal Resource Planning (PRP) System through Human Interactions with Data Enabled by the IoT
  • EPSRC funded - ACCEPT: Addressing Cybersecurity and Cybercrime via a co-Evolutionary aPproach to reducing human-relaTed risk
  • EPSRC funded - Digital Economy 'New Economic Models' Network+