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Fatima Gillani staff profile

Fatima Gillani

Senior Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School


Fatima Gillani is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Business and Industry Transformation (CBIT) at Nottingham Business School.

Career overview

Fatima is a PhD in Operations and Supply Chain Management and specializes in studying technology and innovation management. Her focused areas of research revolve around technology transitions, technology diffusion, operations, and business transformation through technologies. Her current research is multidisciplinary and is based on the intersections of information systems, operations and supply chain management and strategy. At CBIT she is leading projects on sustainability, business model innovation and micro-mobility – all geared at making an academic and industrial impact.

Fatima has also been serving as an Assistant Professor at top universities in Pakistan and is well-equipped in teaching subjects related to operations and supply chain management, project management, technology and innovation management, data analysis for business managers, research methods and advanced research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Research areas

Research Projects:

  • Unearthing the Digital transformation of firm operations.
  • Classifying digital strategies in lieu of the environmental pressures faced by firms.
  • Developing strategic roadmap for digitalization with focus on industry 4.0, industry 5.0 and lean operations.
  • Digital supply chain systems, digital capabilities, their interactions for better resilience and agility.
  • Electrification of transport in developing economies.
  • Assessing supply chain readiness for state level technological transitions.
  • Understanding the intricacies and interactions of institutional voids in supply chains.
  • Explore the impact of institutional voids on supply chain risk management and Electric vehicle initiatives.

Consultancy Projects:

  • Analysed raw data on Women Owned Business and Multinational Companies to bridge the gap between them.
  • Identified problem areas for Women Owned Businesses thriving to be part of global supply chains.
  • Performed demand supply gap analysis based on industrial sectors.
  • Prepared Consultancy report - identified training avenues for Women Owned Business and Multinational Firms to promote Gender Inclusive Global Supply Chains.

External activity


  • Reviewer for Internal Journal of Production Economics (SSCI, ABDC - A).
  • Reviewer for Benchmarking An international Journal.


Journal Papers:

  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S., & Farooq, S. (2020). Implementation of Digital Manufacturing Technologies: Antecedents and Consequences. International Journal of Production Economics. (SSCI, ABDC – A).

Conference Papers:

  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S., & Farooq, S. (2018). Enablers of adoption of digital manufacturing technologies: A Technological, Organisational and Environmental Perspective. Paper presented at Asian Management Research Conference, Bhurban, Pakistan from March 23 – 24, 2018.
  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A. (2018). In Depth Understanding of Digitalization Phenomenon: A Taxonomical Approach. Paper presented at 2018 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Chicago, IL, USA from November 17 – 19, 2018.
  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S. (2019). A Configuration study of Digitalization. Paper presented at Asian Management Research Conference, Al-Ain, UAE from March 24 – 26, 2019.

Submitted Manuscripts (Under Review):

  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S. S., Chatha, K. A. Responsiveness to Data Driven Innovation: Taxonomy based on Digitalization Drivers, Enablers and Outcomes. Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (SSCI, ABDC – A*).
  • Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S., Gillani, F., Farooq, S. Technology-Organization-Environment framework and Supply Chain Integration. Submitted Benchmarking An International Journal (SSCI, ABDC – B).

Advanced Manuscripts:

  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S. The drivers, enablers and outcomes of digitalization: An Integrative Framework.
  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S. Digitalizing Firm Operations: A guide for the Transformation Process.

Working Manuscripts:

  • Gillani, F., Digital technologies and firm performance: Exploring the mediating role of organizational factors.
  • Gillani, F., The impact of digitalization on Supply Chain Risk management.
  • Gillani, F., Digitalized Supply Chains: Unravelling the dynamics of Digital networks.
  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S., Battery Electric Vehicle adoption in Developing Countries: Studying the Antecedents and Consequences from a Sustainability Perspective.
  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S., Identifying Benchmark Practices for BEV adoption – Creating a guideline for developing countries.
  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S., Battery Electric Vehicle Diffusion in Developing Countries: A Value Chain Analysis of Pakistan.
  • Chatha, k., Matloub, H., Gillani, F., Assessing organizational readiness for Digital Supply Chain Management System Infusion.
  • Chatha, k., Gillani, F., Matloub, H., Exploring the role of operational capabilities in Digital Supply Chain Management infusion.