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Fatima Gillani staff profile

Dr. Fatima Gillani

Senior Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School


Fatima Gillani is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Business and Industry Transformation (CBIT) at Nottingham Business School.

Career overview

Fatima is a PhD in Operations and Supply Chain Management and specializes in technology and innovation management. Her focused areas of research/interest revolve around industry/operations/supply chain transformations through disruptive technologies.

Research areas

Research Projects:

  • Unearthing the Digital transformation of firm operations.
  • Classifying digital strategies in lieu of the environmental pressures faced by firms.
  • Developing strategic roadmap for digitalization with focus on industry 4.0, industry 5.0 and lean operations.
  • Digital supply chain systems, digital capabilities, their interactions for better resilience and agility.
  • Electrification of transport in developing economies.
  • Assessing supply chain readiness for state level technological transitions.
  • Understanding the intricacies and interactions of institutional voids in supply chains.
  • Explore the impact of institutional voids on supply chain risk management and Electric vehicle initiatives.

Consultancy Projects:

  • Analysed raw data on Women Owned Business and Multinational Companies to bridge the gap between them.
  • Identified problem areas for Women Owned Businesses thriving to be part of global supply chains.
  • Performed demand supply gap analysis based on industrial sectors.
  • Prepared Consultancy report - identified training avenues for Women Owned Business and Multinational Firms to promote Gender Inclusive Global Supply Chains.

External activity


  • Reviewer for Internal Journal of Production Economics (SSCI, ABDC - A).
  • Reviewer for Benchmarking An international.


Journal Papers:

  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S., & Farooq, S. (2020). Implementation of Digital Manufacturing Technologies: Antecedents and Consequences. International Journal of Production Economics. (SSCI, ABDC – A).

Conference Papers:

  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S., & Farooq, S. (2018). Enablers of adoption of digital manufacturing technologies: A Technological, Organisational and Environmental Perspective. Paper presented at Asian Management Research Conference, Bhurban, Pakistan from March 23 – 24, 2018.
  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A. (2018). In Depth Understanding of Digitalization Phenomenon: A Taxonomical Approach. Paper presented at 2018 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Chicago, IL, USA from November 17 – 19, 2018.
  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S. (2019). A Configuration study of Digitalization. Paper presented at Asian Management Research Conference, Al-Ain, UAE from March 24 – 26, 2019.

Submitted Manuscripts (Under Review):

  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S. S., Chatha, K. A. Responsiveness to Data Driven Innovation: Taxonomy based on Digitalization Drivers, Enablers and Outcomes. Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management (SSCI, ABDC – A*).
  • Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S., Gillani, F., Farooq, S. Technology-Organization-Environment framework and Supply Chain Integration. Submitted Benchmarking An International Journal (SSCI, ABDC – B).

Advanced Manuscripts:

  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S. The drivers, enablers and outcomes of digitalization: An Integrative Framework.
  • Gillani, F., Chatha, K. A., Jajja, S. S. Digitalizing Firm Operations: A guide for the Transformation Process.

Working Manuscripts:

  • Gillani, F., Digital technologies and firm performance: Exploring the mediating role of organizational factors.
  • Gillani, F., The impact of digitalization on Supply Chain Risk management.
  • Gillani, F., Digitalized Supply Chains: Unravelling the dynamics of Digital networks.
  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S., Battery Electric Vehicle adoption in Developing Countries: Studying the Antecedents and Consequences from a Sustainability Perspective.
  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S., Identifying Benchmark Practices for BEV adoption – Creating a guideline for developing countries.
  • Gillani, F., Jajja, S., Battery Electric Vehicle Diffusion in Developing Countries: A Value Chain Analysis of Pakistan.
  • Chatha, k., Matloub, H., Gillani, F., Assessing organizational readiness for Digital Supply Chain Management System Infusion.
  • Chatha, k., Gillani, F., Matloub, H., Exploring the role of operational capabilities in Digital Supply Chain Management infusion.