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Personalisation and Experiential Learning

As a global leader in experiential learning and personalisation, we’ll give you every opportunity to design your own learning journey and experience life in the real world. Through our innovative Experiential Learning Cycle and Personalisation Programme, you can carve your own path and get hands-on with the real world. We’re excited by your potential, which is why we’ll dedicated our time and energy into expanding your opportunities and in supporting you to achieve your ambitions.

Deeply rooted in our DNA and character of NBS is the way we configure our educational philosophy that combines theory and practice through “Experiential Learning Cycle” which pervades all our courses and is designed into all modules.

Experiential Learning


Our educational philosophy is based on an experiential learning cycle, which provides an enriched learning environment for our students. Students learn theory and have opportunities to put this into practice, both in university and workplace settings. They also learn how to observe and reflect upon the application of theory and thus learn to improve the theory itself. Students also reflect on these experiences to improve their own skills and knowledge.



We recognise that all of our students are different and you have your own aspirations and goals, different passions and you thrive in varied environments. Our aim is to combine academic excellence with real world impact, integrating theory and practice and keeping experiential learning at the core of all of our programmes. At Nottingham Business School we pride ourselves on focusing on each individual student, despite being one of the largest Business schools in the country.

Personalisation opportunities

Personalising for your success

  • CERT mentors
  • Student dashboard
  • Employability
  • Industry mentors
  • Academic mentors
  • NTU Support services

Personalised experiences you accumulate

  • Industry visits
  • Consultancy projects
  • Study abroad
  • Placements and internships
  • Volunteering
  • Continuing professional development opportunities

Personalising how you study

  • Study mode choices
  • Simulation and case studies
  • Virtual learning environment
  • Participate in reflective practice
  • Digital content

Personalising what you study

  • Half year two undergraduate unique opportunities
    • Study abroad
    • Enterprise Project
    • Internship
  • The opportunity to join professional memberships
  • Option modules
  • Personal professional development modules
  • Postgraduate major projects

Academic Mentors


When you join the NBS community you will be assigned an Academic Mentor. They will help guide you to select what to study and how you study. They’ll support you at every stage of your studies, to select appropriate continuing professional development activities and experiential learning opportunities to fulfil your future career and life ambitions.

Meet Amanda Thompson and Shelley Clarke

Amanda Thompson and Shelley Clarke are the Heads of Personalisation and Experiential Learning at Nottingham Business School. They are responsible for ensuring that all NBS students optimise their academic, personal and professional development and benefit from a personalised university experience.

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