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Marketing Mavericks Case Study - Touchpoints Marketing

Fueling Entrepreneurial Ambitions at Nottingham Business School through Practical Self-Employment Training

Photograph of Victoria Prince

Victoria Prince of Touchpoints Marketing

Marketing Mavericks is run by Victoria Prince of Touchpoints Marketing and is one of many extracurricular opportunities available to students at Nottingham Business School.

The hybrid course covers practical training and advice on self-employment with a step-by-step guide to everything students need to start their own business.

We talk to course lead Victoria about the knowledge and experience students gain from the course and how her Marketing Mavericks is helping to shape future entrepreneurs.

“When it comes to self-employment it can be daunting making that first step. Marketing Mavericks helps students to get all the information and confidence they need to make it possible.”


Marketing Mavericks is a step-by-step course which gives students all the practical skills required to start their own business from initial set up with basic legal documentation and structure, to marketing their business, finding clients, pitching, and securing work. Having run my own marketing company for nearly a decade I feel it is important to give students the skills and confidence to understand how self-employment could benefit them.

How does the course work?

The course is broken down into easy to access units with a mixture of online and in person sessions. In addition, there are hands-on opportunities for students to enhance their skills with the support of personalised mentoring and on-going practical guidance. This is not about studying the theory of running a business but a course which gives clear insights into what running a business is like.

What attracts students to sign up for the course?

Several students set up their own business while studying and are attracted to the course as it offers them a unique opportunity to develop skills in self-employment and receive hands-on advice to make their start-up business a success. Others use the skills and experience they gain to help them secure entrepreneurial roles in the corporate world, or set up their own businesses once they graduate. Whatever their future path, students develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and a clear understanding of what starting a business entails.

Who is Victoria Prince?

Victoria is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry. She launched the UK’s first vegan snack kit from kick start to selling online at iconic British store Selfridges in just under a year. With further experience in corporate blue-chip companies and marketing agencies she set up her own marketing agency, Touchpoints Marketing, in 2022.

Victoria understands the difficulties, and rewards involved in establishing a business. She is passionate about helping young people realise that self-employment is an option.

More information is available on the Touchpoints website.

The student experience

Photo of Caitlin Maynard

Third year International Business Studies student Caitlyn Maynard

Caitlyn Maynard is a third year International Business Studies student who attended the Marketing Mavericks course.

Specifically designed to help students find out more about the world of self-employment the 16-week course covers everything you need to know about setting up your own business. With ongoing mentorship and a step-by-step guide full of practical advice it means Caitlyn now has the confidence and support to start setting up her own business while studying.

Caitlyn is one of 38 students who took part in the first Marketing Mavericks course. Here we talk to her about why she chose to enrol on Marketing Mavericks, her experience and how it has helped shape her future after studies.

Caitlyn says “the course gave me the push I needed to make me realise that I do have the confidence to attend networking events and pitch myself to other professionals.”

Why did you decide to take the Marketing Mavericks module?

I saw Marketing Mavericks in an email from the university about CPD activities happening that week. I had a taste of working for a freelance marketer when I was on my placement year, and I always liked the idea of starting my own business one day, but I had no idea where to even begin. When I saw there was a course aimed at helping students to set up their own marketing businesses, it seemed like a perfect opportunity!

What were you hoping to get from the course and how did you initially feel when you first started?

I was hoping to gain some knowledge about how to go about starting up a marketing business, but I didn’t expect the level of detail that the course provides.

When we went over what will be covered in the course, I was surprised at some of the aspects of starting up a business that I would never have even considered myself. I also really liked the fact that a WhatsApp group was created so that I could connect with other students on the course going through the same journey as me.

What one thing would you say you especially liked about Marketing Mavericks?

The best bit of Marketing Mavericks is the laid-back atmosphere of the sessions. There is no pressure at all concerning which stage of setting up your own business you are at, and everyone supports each other. I enjoy the fact that each session almost feels like an informal chat, where you are learning new things but also discussing your own business ideas. The course lead, Victoria, really cares about each person’s individual journey and gives such helpful advice to everyone.

What benefits would you say it had in helping you set up your own business?

My greatest achievement so far is putting together a proposal for a prospective client. I have no previous experience in creating proposals or pitching to clients and would have had no idea where to begin without this course.

I’m also proud of myself for attending a networking event, as this was completely out of my comfort zone. The course gave me the push I needed to make me realise that I do have the confidence to attend networking events and pitch myself to other professionals.

I don’t think I will ever feel 100% ready to start my own business, but I feel a lot more confident and knowledgeable now than I did before. The course has given me a push in the right direction and shown me that I do have the ability to start my own business. I also now feel confident to reach out to potential clients.

How much time would you say you invested into the course?

I've invested a few hours a week into the course, between the video calls, the online learning and putting effort into starting my own business. The workload was completely manageable alongside my studies, and I'm looking forward to being able to invest more time into the course once my studies are done!

How do you plan to use your new skills?

I have already pitched to my first potential client, so once I finish my degree this year I am going to spend a lot of time thinking about my personal branding and setting up a website and social media accounts. I am excited to start reaching out to leads, and hopefully being able to create a few more pitches and proposals over the summer.

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