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Within the Golf team there are players of all different playing abilities who regularly come together to practice and play between league fixtures,. Our focus within the team along with performance is to maintain a strong social side to the sport creating a great team spirit. Overall, being a part of NTU Golf will allow you to enjoy and utilise your spare time whilst socialising and improving your Golf game.

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If you are a BUCS player or a recreational player, our aim is to ensure that everyone has the same great experience as part of NTU Golf.  Girls are still underrepresented in sports such as golf and one of the aims of our society is to promote and encourage women’s golf at University, both at competitive and recreational level.  We hope this starts a trend which, we believe, will send the sport in a better direction.

NTU Golf have a membership with Ruddington Grange Golf Club, the membership we offer allows you to play Ruddington throughout the academic year at any time, the only exception being that you are not able to play on a Saturday.

However, members of the society will arrange a slot of tee times on a Sunday, where they are able to go down and test themselves against the course and each other.

These Sundays also offer an opportunity for players who may not make the team every week to improve their golf, more experienced team members are always on hand to offer guidance with the aim of improving every member’s golf and team opportunities. One previous member started the year with a handicap of 28 but by the end of the year he was playing off 15.

Members also regularly attend the local range on week nights, typically Tuesdays, to get some extra practice in.

Visit  Ruddington’s website to see the test of golf that you’re in for:

British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS)

NTU Golf has two mixed teams competing in BUCS.  These teams consist of 6 members which play in a singles scratch match format.

The teams change frequently so if you are not in the team on your first attempt, please don’t give up, keep yourself involved, keep practicing and continue to attend the Sunday sessions and make sure you are ready to take your chance when it comes.

Practice / meeting schedule

Transport for away matches is provided by the society, pick up times and locations are confirmed with team selections for that week.

Throughout the year many regular team members choose to play on Sunday at Ruddington in addition to playing matches on a Wednesday, whether they are playing as part of the BUCS squad for that week or recreationally. This is a great way to stay involved and improve your golf

How to join

You will be eligible to join as soon as you start at NTU. The total cost of joining the society is £180, this is split across two payments.

The first payment of £60 to be made to NTU Sport, this payment is for the university and the society itself to cover the costs of running the society.  This payment also gives you priority when the society is running a social event (particularly Wednesday socials) where you will be given priority to any tickets the society has.  You can make this payment at either City or Clifton campus.  At the City Campus, you will need to go into the City Gym, for students at Clifton, you will need to go to the Lee Westwood Sports Centre.

The second payment of £120, needs to be made at Ruddington Grange.  As stated previously, you will then be able to play Ruddington throughout the academic year.  If you want to know anything else about either of these payments, or have any questions about how to join, please contact any of the committee members and they will do their best to help you, their details are listed below.

As a member of the golf society, you will be able to purchase a jumper to wear at team matches but you can also wear it around campus to show everyone you are a proud member of the society.


Club Email:

George Jones, President. Email;
Harry Nicholls, Secretary. Email:
Luke Johnson, Treasurer. Email:
Kristina Lazarevic, Social and Well Being Officer. Email:

You can also find/contact us on social media:
Twitter: @NTUGolf
Instagram: @NTUGolf
Facebook Group: NTU Golf 2019/2020

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418