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NTU Sport App

With the NTU Sport app you always have our facility in your pocket with quick and easy access to book your favourite fitness classes, gym bookings, sports club and Play for Fun activities. Get up-to-date information, news, timetables, offers, events and receive push notifications for important information.

NTU Sport App
NTU Sport App

Download the NTU Sport App

Download the NTU Sport App to gain access to online bookings for gym sessions, fitness classes, Play for Fun sessions and club activities:

Google Play

Apple Store

Sport Club Trials and Tasters

Please ensure that you are enrolled before signing up on the NTU Sport app. You will need to reset your password if this is your first use, by using your student email ( where you will receive a reset password link.

Any sport club tasters and trials will appear on the app 7 days prior to the booking date.

If you have any issues logging, making a booking or making a payment, please enquire at one of our NTU sport receptions at the City or Clifton sites and we can assist. Alternatively, you can call us: 0115 8484066 (City) or 0115 8483219 (Clifton).

Resetting your password

Watch the video to find out how to reset your password.

How to reset your password on the NTU Sport App

Cancelling bookings

If you have booked onto a session you can no longer attend, make sure to cancel your booking before the session starts to allow other students to book instead.

For paid for in advance sessions, please call us to have your session rearranged or refunded.

Non-attendance to any booked session will be recorded as a "no show". If you receive three no shows in  one term, you will receive a one-week advance booking restriction, which will mean you are only able to book onto activities on the day.

Members who receive multiple advance booking restrictions in the same term may face a longer period of booking restriction.


  • Do I need to make a booking to use the facilities?

    Yes, please download the NTU App to do this.

  • How do I log on?

    First of all open the app and try to make a gym booking on the gym booking tile this will bring up the log in page in the top right hand corner.
    Click on the forgotten password/create new password tab.
    The email you will need is your student one without the My so N******* That should be the email address you type in.
    Once you get this email sent to your student account please follow the instructions in the email as you will need the membership ID in it to make a new password.
    Once you have found the membership ID click on the link and it will take you to the sign in page.
    Please enter the membership ID from the email and then choose a new password.
    Then log in with your student email and new password.
    If this does not work try deleting the app and reinstall and try the procedure above.
    If again this does not work give us a call or email us for further help.

  • When do I find HPC and Sports training sessions?  

    All sessions are on the sports club trips and bookings tile which is the one that looks like a bus.

  • I cannot book onto a sports club?

    This could be because the session is full, you don’t have the right membership or it is too far in advance.
    Trips and tasters/trials will be bookable a week in advance on the app but club training sessions are available the day before.

  • I cannot book onto a fitness class?

    Fitness classes are only bookable a day in advance. They could also be full or the fitness instructor is not able to run the class meaning it won’t show on the app.

  • Why can I only see Clifton sessions?

    This could mean that you are not fully logged in. Try and book in a session and if in the top right hand corner it is asking you to log in this means you are not logged in and you will need to do so to see all sessions.

  • Why is it charging me for the gym but I have a membership?

    This means your membership has not gone through onto your student account yet. Email a screenshot of your confirmation email or give us a call and we can check this to add it on.

  • How can I see my bookings?

    Scroll to the bottom of the main page and the my booking tabs is in the 1st row in the middle of the page.
    How do I cancel a booking?
    You can cancel through the my booking tile up to an hour before your session. If it is less then this please call us or give us an email as you won’t be able to do this.

  • I booked a session but it has been cancelled?

    This is because you need to pay for a session. By giving us a call we can take payment over the phone and make sure this booking is 100% booked in for you. You need to do this within 45mins of booking as else the app will delete your booking.

  • Can I book back to back sessions?

    The answer is no as we need to make sure everyone at university can use the gym.

  • How many sessions can I got to in a week?

    You can book 6 sessions in a week.

  • How many sessions can I go to in a day?

    You can go to as many as you want in a day, just not back to back.

  • What happens if I don’t turn up for my booking?

    If you do not cancel your booking beforehand your attendance will be recorded as a no show and this would mean you risk losing your advanced booking privileges.

  • Do I need to bring my own equipment for casual bookings?

    Yes, for all casual booking you need to bring your own, balls, rackets and anything else you might need.

  • How do I pay for sessions?

    Give us a call at reception and we can take the payment over the phone and then leave a receipt at the desk for you to pick up before your session if you wanted one.

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418