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Whether you’ve never been in a boat before or competed at Henley Royal Regatta, NTU Rowing has a squad for everyone. Our novice, intermediate and senior sections have effective training programmes created by our highly experienced coaches, and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun!

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Club information

Nottingham Trent University Boat Club (NTUBC), is a rowing club consisting of three squads; novice, intermediate and senior. We train locally on the River Trent and each squad’s training programme includes both land and water sessions throughout the week. Every year we build on our achievements, winning pots at many local races, medals at BUCS, ranking in the top sectors of the country at HoRR and WEHoRR and competing at Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta.

As well as our effective training programme and successes in competitions and races throughout the year, we are a very sociable club and a great place to come to make friends. We have a variety of socials throughout the year, including sober socials like bowling, crazy golf and club Nando’s as well as the weekly sports social at Nottingham’s beloved Ocean.
Joining NTUBC is a great way to stay fit, relieve stress, meet new people and get out of your university room. Everyone is welcome, particularly those who fancy trying something completely new.

President Welcome

My name is Bianca, I am the current President of rowing at NTU. I started rowing at the age of 13 at my home club before joining NTUBC in 2018. I joined the committee last year as the Equipment and Safety Officer leading several projects.

Through my time in the club so far, I have loved seeing it progress and succeed which we would not have been able to do without the support of our coach Nikki and the dedication and hard work from the members. I hope to see this progress even more over the next year. I have enjoyed my experience with the club so far, everyone is so welcoming and supportive. Being part of this club has not only helped with my fitness and performance in rowing but has allowed me to gain more confidence and form new friendships.

Our weekly socials allows all 3 of our squads to integrate more outside of training, with my favourite social events being boat ball which runs early on in the year as a way to get to know people more and our summer formal at the end of the year to celebrate our achievements.  I look forward to welcoming and meeting all the members in the coming year


We are affiliated with Nottingham Rowing Club so are lucky enough to have a great team of coaches who work closely with all three sections of NTUBC. We have two main coaches, Dez Atkins and Nikki Spencer, and several other coaches, making sure all members get a good level of coaching to help them improve throughout the year.

British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS)

Each year we send a selection of crews from each squad to compete in BUCS Head and BUCS Regatta. We also attend a number of local races throughout the academic year as well as HoRR, WEHoRR, HRR and HWR.

Practice / meeting schedule

We train at Nottingham Rowing Club’s facilities located on the bank of the River Trent by Trent Bridge. This is a short 15 minute bus journey from the city centre or a 30 minute walk.

Members train at different times throughout the week depending on which squad they are in.

  • Three days a week for a novice
  • Five days a week for an intermediate a
  • Six days a week for a senior.

Coaches provide separate training plans for each squad which include a range of land and water sessions.

Taster sessions

We host a series of taster sessions at the beginning of the university year, the week after the fresher’s fairs.

You can find out information about our taster sessions by visiting our stall at the sports fresher’s fairs or by following our Facebook page.

We like to encourage as many people as possible to give rowing a try, so arrange several taster sessions with land and water training to give everyone an all-round feel for the atmosphere of the club and the sport itself.

How to join

You can join NTUBC at any point in the year, but we encourage you to join at the beginning of the first term so that members can start racing as soon as possible; first term if you are an intermediate or senior and second term if you are a novice.

All members will need to affiliate with NTU Sport for £50 the you will pay our venue directly and this breaks down as: Seniors £30 per month, Intermediates £22.50 per month and Novice £20 per month.

Sports kit information

Each year our kit officer organises a club sports kit order which takes place during the first term. The kit order consists of a rowing all in one and a splash jacket. If members are racing, this kit is compulsory.


Committee Members:

President -  Bianca Manganiello 
Secretary - Lydia Foulkes
Treasurer - Jacob Tattersall 
Novice Co-Ordinator - Christian Gibson 
Intermediate Captain - Harry Phillips 
Social and wellbeing officer - Ellie Spence 
Social and wellbeing officer - Dan Cohen
Marketing - Dan Parish 
Equipment and Safety officer - George Prior

If you have any questions about rowing or joining NTUBC, please email

Facebook /NTUBC

Instagram @nturowing

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418