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United Kingdom
I chose Brackenhurst as it was the most beautiful and successful place to come and had a variety of animals.

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I chose to do the Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care course because the facilities at the animal unit looked presentable and were laid out really nicely. I also attended a very good open day.

As part of this course, we learn about animal biology, including cells and senses, body systems and accommodation and feeding. We also do lots of practical lessons, such as pond dipping for tadpoles and ferret and dog walking.

I would definitely recommend this course to another student who wants to learn about animals. It is an amazing course!

I did a placement at Stonebridge City Farm where I learned even more skills on how to clean out pens and enclosures to an industry standard. I also learnt how to deal with animal emergencies and health checking the animals. I also did a placement at Brackenhurst animal unit where I developed skills in teamwork and confidence in my abilities to complete the work at a greater standard.

I found the course leaders really friendly, informative and great overall, they helped me when I didn’t understand the assignments and provided extra help. They also make the learning fun but still educational.

I chose Brackenhurst as it was the most beautiful and successful place to come and had a variety of animals. It also had the course I wanted to do and was only 20 minutes away from my house.

It’s really nice being a student here, there’s a really nice atmosphere. If I had to describe my time at NTU in three words, I’d say amazing, fantastic and brilliant!

I intend to become a vet or vet nurse so this course was definitely a step in the right direction of completing that goal.

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