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Undergraduate to postgraduate study

If you're in the final year of your undergraduate course or have recently graduated, postgraduate study may be your next step.

What is postgraduate study?

Postgraduate means a course you undertake after completing a degree at undergraduate level. At NTU, we offer many different postgraduate courses, from Masters degrees and PhDs to professional qualifications and apprenticeships.

Your postgraduate course doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same area as your undergraduate degree, either. We have a range of conversion courses open to applicants from any subject. It's also possible to study a postgraduate course without an undergraduate degree, if you have relevant professional experience. Find out more about the opportunities available below.

Why postgraduate study?

Postgraduate courses are worth pursuing for many reasons. For example, you may want to:

  • develop further skills or subject knowledge
  • enhance career progression
  • become a researcher or work in academia
  • do something new or change career path.

The transition from undergraduate to postgraduate

You may find the jump from undergraduate to postgraduate quite intense. Here's a few tips on managing the transition:

  • Understand that the workload and contact hours may be different. Large-group teaching is less common and there is often more self-directed study.
  • Be prepared for a longer academic year. Many postgraduates complete dissertations over the summer.
  • Start with an open mind, ready to learn new things in new ways.
  • Be engaged. Make the effort to attend your sessions, including any optional ones if possible.
  • Build a network with other postgraduates. Join the NTSU and any extra-curricular events that will help you to feel a part of the postgraduate community.
  • Ask for support when you need it. We have a range of teams that can help you with the transition to postgraduate study, including the library, health and wellbeing and employability teams as well as your academic tutors.


Finances and student loans work differently at postgraduate level. Tuition fees and the way that you pay them are not the same as your undergraduate degree. Find out more about the costs and how we can help you to fund your postgraduate course, including Masters scholarships and our alumni discount for NTU graduates.

Fees and funding

Learn more about postgraduate fees and how to fund your studies.

Read our funding information

Masters scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships to help cover the cost of your fees.

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Alumni discount

NTU students and alumni can claim 20% off their fees for postgraduate study.

Are you eligible?

Get in touch

Got a question about the transition to postgraduate study at NTU? Chat to current students or staff or get in touch via the Ask NTU Form.