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Managing your Money

Tuition fees are only half the expense of going to university. You also need to plan for rent, food, travel, and everything living in Nottingham has to offer.

Financial support while at university

There is always support available if you run into financial difficulty while studying at NTU.

However, you don’t have to be in hardship to access our services. If you want any support with managing your money or setting up a budget, you can arrange to speak to one of our friendly financial support advisors by email.

Working while you study

Many students choose to work part-time while studying. Employment not only boosts your income but can provide valuable experience to put on your CV.

Advice for parents and carers

Student funding can be a little confusing. Check out our parent and carer FAQs for further information and guidance.

Any questions?

For tips and advice on keeping track of your finances and how to budget during university study, visit our Managing your Money page on the StudentHub.

If you have any further questions, please call +44 (0)115 848 2494 or email the Student Financial Support Service.