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Sustainability in Enterprise Project at Nottingham Business School (NBS)

Students take part in SIE project and deliver innovative sustainable solutions to local businesses. The Sustainability in Enterprise Project was launched in 2021 at NBS and is part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project running at NTU.

Roudwan Gibril
Roudwan Gibril talks about the Sustainability in Enterprise project at NBS

This optional module provides students with a deeper understanding of sustainability issues that organisations face, giving them the opportunity to act as a consultant to local SMEs. As highlighted in the video above, Roudwan describes this module as ‘technical and engaging’, enabling students to learn how to critically review sustainability issues presented by an enterprise and analyse evidence, arguments, concepts and data to formulate sustainability and carbon management recommendations.

One of businesses that participated were Leonard Design, an award-winning architectural practice with a specialist focus on commercial architectural design and consultancy. The practice works with design leaders across five continents to deliver projects across a range of scales. From master planning for new streetscapes, communities and cities, to architectural and interior design for mixed use town centres and one-off houses. Leonard Design works globally, regionally and locally; always tailoring design to the specific needs of the people, place and environment involved.

The Student Consultants used the data Leonard Design had provided to calculate their carbon impact with support from academic mentors. They then created a presentation to share their findings with Leonard Design.

In their role as sustainability consultants, a small team of NBS students came into the office to find out more about us and explain what information they needed from us to assess our carbon impact, including details of our energy consumption. They had all done a carbon management module as part of their studies so they were able to give me lots of guidance. They were really engaged when it came to learning about what we do and asked the team here loads of questions. This was our first carbon footprint so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The Student Consultants presented to us at NTU and it was very impactful. We asked them to come and present to the whole company, including our senior management team. Their presentation brought our carbon impact to life, and gave us recommendations for what we could do to reduce it, in a way that we can all engage with.

Susan Hayes, Leonard Design's Facilities Manager

Personalisation at Nottingham Business School

We recognise that each student is unique and so will have different aspirations and goals, different interests and drivers and differing developmental needs. That is why we provide optional modules to allow you to choose subjects which align to your individual interests. Find out more about personalisation at Nottingham Business School.

Key members of the project and the academic team

NBS SiE Project Strand Lead: Dr Muhammad Mazhar

Academic team: Dr Justin Udie, Dr Ramez Kian, Al Dharmasasmita

NBS Sustainability Consultancy Projects Coordinator: Helen Taylor

Find out more

If you are a current student, speak to your tutor to find out more about the Sustainability in Enterprise Project module at NBS. Alternatively, if you’re a business who would like to benefit from the support of this project, get in touch via email or fill out the enquiry form on our website.