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NTU has pledged to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions across all three carbon scopes by 2040 in order to create a Zero Carbon culture across the NTU community.


We are thrilled to, for the first time, set an ambitious Net Zero target encompassing all three carbon scopes.

NTU has measured and reported on scope 1 and 2 emissions since 2006 and scope 3 since 2012 which positions the university well to now set this comprehensive Net Zero emission target. NTU has committed £1m towards carbon reduction in 2022.

There are three ‘milestone’ objectives that will allow NTU to remain on target for their Net Zero Carbon pledge.

  • Milestone 1 – By 2025, to deliver a 24% reduction in NTU’s total carbon emissions against a 2018/19 base line.
  • Milestone 2 – By 2030, to deliver a 50% reduction in NTU’s total carbon emissions against a 2018/19 base line.
  • Milestone 3 – By 2040, to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions across our built estate, 10 years ahead of the UK Government’s 2050 legally binding target.

This strategic, institution-wide Net Zero target is spearheaded by the Carbon Programme Group. The Carbon Programme Group includes Executive and senior management and incorporates both a Nottingham Trent Students Union representative and a student representative. The full list of attendees can be seen here.

The Sustainability Team's work is underpinned by NTU's strategic plan and the University Executive Team allocate an annual budget to carry out sustainability projects across the University. If you have any ideas for potential projects please contact the Sustainability Team.

Committed to being a sustainable university


The Sustainability Team's work is underpinned by NTU's strategic plan.

Comprising five very different campuses and a variety of buildings that host over 40,000 students and staff, Nottingham Trent University has a lot to consider when managing its carbon footprint. Our carbon targets help us to manage impacts and maintain our green credentials.

Renewable Energy

Two students walking along a green space

All of NTU's electricity is purchased from a green energy provider and we generate our own energy on-site. The Salix Revolving Green Fund provided NTU with £1 million of investment in capital projects such as the installation of energy efficient fans in labs and PC shutdown software.

Across all three campuses there are sources of renewable energy making our University increasingly sustainable. This includes photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the Chaucer building on the city campus, Rosalind Franklin building on our Clifton Campus and our Confetti campus. These panels generate thousands of kWh of renewable energy per year.

Our biomass boiler at Brackenhurst campus provides hot water to the 300-bed student accommodation and the Brackenhurst library. The 400 photovoltaic panels on the Equestrian Centre roof is the largest set of panels at NTU.

Relevant Documents and Policies

Our Net Zero Carbon Roadmap sets out the NZC ambition in more detail, provides context, and outlines the first steps we intend to make to achieve our targets.

Each year NTU is required to submit our energy usage and carbon footprint to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and other organisations, such as Universities that Count and the People and Planet Green League, for benchmarking exercises.

Our Environmental Policy and Environmental Objectives break down targets required in all areas of the universities operations, including carbon. For the extensive list of individual policies covering waste, waster, energy, supply chain & travel and their specific carbon objectives read our Sustainability Policies.

NTU is also an official Race to Zero signatory. Driven by the UN Environment Programme, EAUC & Second Nature, Race to Zero is a global campaign to rally leadership and action in the education sector. Joining the Race to Zero demonstrates NTU’s commitment to the net zero agenda, alongside NTU’s pledge to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions across all three carbon scopes by 2040.

Official Race to Zero Logo

Get Involved

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Try out the Footprint Calculator to see how many tonnes of carbon dioxide you emit.

You can help us to meet the University's carbon reduction targets. Take part in our events throughout the year, or join NTU Green Rewards to find out more about what you can do to be more sustainable whilst working and/or studying at NTU along with tips to live more sustainably at home too.