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Conferments and progressions

Take a look at what information is needed should you need to inform us about changes to exam board decisions.

Conferment lists

Conferment lists are required for us to be able to make awards and produce certificates for your students.

Please ensure that this information is supplied to CADQ using the secure portal within two weeks of examination boards being held.

It is important that conferment lists are accurate and include:

  • The student's full legal name (as it should appear on the certificate).
  • The classification awarded or the decision where an award is not made (in line with the common assessment regulations).
  • The date of the Board of Examiners.
  • The date of the award ceremony.
  • The original signatures of the external examiner(s) and the Chair present at the Board of Examiners, and the Registrar (or equivalent) of the Validated Centre.  Should an external examiner be unable to attend the main exam board meeting, they should complete the Non-attendance at Board of Examiners form.

Please be aware that a conferment list must be fully completed and signed before NTU can produce certificates. Missing information can lead to a delay in producing certificates. We would also encourage you to prepare the conferment and pass/progression lists in advance of the Board and populate the lists with decision as they are made, so that at the end of the meeting the Chair and external examiner can sign the Conferment Statement to confirm their agreement with the outcomes/recommendations made.

If certificates are required by a specific date, such as for an award ceremony please indicate this clearly on the conferment list. It is your responsibility to ensure that conferment lists are provided to us in good time. You should allow for up to 3 months for us to process conferment lists, deal with any related queries and produce and dispatch certificates. Please inform the team of key dates such as examination board and award ceremonies as soon as they are available.

Access the conferment lists:

Should you have any questions about the process, please email

Pass / Progression lists

To help us track students and maintain accurate records, we need to be provided with up-to-date lists of any progressing students.

Lists should include all registered students and should also confirm the results and any stages that do not constitute the final award.

All information should be sent to CADQ using the secure portal within two weeks of examination boards being held.

Chair's action

Please be aware that decisions made after a Board of Examiners has taken place can be presented to us as a Chair's Action. For example, following an appeal, referral or a deferral.

Please complete the Chair's action form and send it to CADQ using the secure portal by providing details of the decision and a covering statement. This form should be signed by the Chair of the Board.