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What seedcorns are available?

The TILT Seedcorn scheme awards funding for small projects with big potential to grow and impact on learning and teaching at NTU and across the sector.

The Seedcorn Fund is intended to provide colleagues with a small amount of funding for preliminary ‘blue sky’ exploratory Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) projects with the potential to develop into something more substantial.

What can Seedcorn Awards fund?

A Seedcorn project can be the inception stage of a potentially bigger project or the award can assist with existing SoTL scholarship or projects. A non-exhaustive list of past projects the Seedcorn fund has supported includes:

  • Conference attendance or visiting other Higher Education Institutions or organisations to share practice and scholarship related to learning and teaching;
  • Support evaluation of learning and teaching approaches or the expansion of an enhancement which has been piloted or initially adopted; and / or,
  • Purchase or hire resources to use in a learning and teaching innovation or a scholarship project (where these are not already available within NTU).

Funding and Resources: How many Seedcorn Awards are available each year?

The Seedcorn Fund provides colleagues with funding of up to £750 for small-scale projects on a competitive basis.

Up to ten Seedcorn awards are offered each academic year.

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