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Step-by-step guide to your results

When are results out?

In a normal year, A-level results day is on the second Thursday of August. Dates for BTECs, A-level and SQA and GCSE will be confirmed.

What happens with my results?

For most students, UCAS will send your results directly to the universities you have chosen as your firm and insurance choice so they can check to see if you have met the conditions.

You can check UCAS for details of which qualifications are sent automatically. All other qualifications will need to be sent directly to the university.

When you get your results, log in to UCAS Track to check your status.

What will UCAS Track show if I’m accepted?

If you have achieved the grades for your firm offer the university will accept you and change your offer to unconditional firm (status UF) – meaning you’re in and your place is confirmed.

If you didn’t get the grades the university may still accept you and change your offer to unconditional firm (status UF). They may make you an alternative offer, such as a foundation degree. They will send you information and instructions by email if you're made an alternative offer.

If you are unsuccessful with your firm choice course you may be offered a place at your insurance choice.  If you have achieved the grades for your insurance offer the university will accept you and change your offer to unconditional firm (status UF).

What happens if the status hasn’t updated?

If the status has not changed the university may not have made a decision or they haven’t received all of your results. Contact them to see if you need to send proof of your results.

What happens if I’m not accepted on my firm choice or insurance?

If you are unsuccessful with your firm or insurance choice course you will be entered into Clearing. If you have applied to NTU but have been unsuccessful we may still be able to offer you a place on one of our other courses by applying through Clearing.

What happens if I change my mind?

If you have changed your mind you can still apply through Clearing, even if you are accepted on another course. Just don’t decline your place before you have another offer from somewhere else.

If you are accepted and hold an unconditional firm (status UF) place and request to be released, this firm offer and your insurance choice are withdrawn and you will enter Clearing.

If you hold a conditional firm (status CF) place and request to be released from this then your insurance choice will automatically become your firm choice. If you do not have an insurance offer you will enter Clearing.

What options do I have if I’ve done better than expected?

If you meet or have exceeded the conditions of your offer and you want to look at other options you can apply to courses through Adjustment – you will need to register in UCAS Track.

Your firm offer is secure while you look around and will remain so unless you accept a new choice.

The Adjustment period is typically open from August – September. UCAS will confirm the date shortly. Once selected, you have five days from results day – or whenever your first (firm) offer becomes unconditional (status UF) – to apply through Adjustment.