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Clearing advice for teachers and advisers

Results day can be stressful for students, but as a teacher or adviser, you can help support your pupils through Clearing and encourage them to explore all their options, including alternative courses and universities — here's everything you need to know.

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Planning ahead

Clearing is an increasingly popular way of applying to university and it’s never too early to consider Clearing as an option in case your student needs to rethink things – whether they already have their results or are waiting for results day.

Even if they are confident they’ll achieve the results they need, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Encourage your students to revisit other course options and different universities so that they know what’s out there if they change their mind.

Doing this research beforehand will help them stay calm, focused and make sure they can hit the ground running on results day.

When to consider Clearing

Students can apply to university through Clearing if:

  • they haven’t got a place at their firm and insurance choices
  • they've changed their mind about what or where they want to study
  • they didn't apply to university before receiving their results and are now assessing their options
  • they've done even better than expected and want to explore new opportunities.

Find more information on our Clearing FAQs page.

Results day

On results day, your students will either be:

  • accepted by their firm choice
  • accepted by their insurance choice if they don’t get the grades for their firm choice
  • automatically entered into Clearing if their results don't meet the conditions of any of their choices.

When is results day?

  • BTEC: on or before Thursday 17 August 2023.
  • A-level: Thursday 17 August 2023.

What happens if a student changes their mind?

If a student has already been accepted on a course but wants to find a different course or university better suited to their interests, they can to do so through Clearing. Just make sure that they don’t decline their original place before they have another offer lined up.

Things to consider:

  • if the student holds an unconditional firm (status UF) place and requests to be released, this offer – and their insurance choice – will be withdrawn and they will then enter Clearing.
  • if the student holds a conditional firm (status CF) place and requests to be released, then their insurance choice will automatically become their firm choice. If they don’t have an insurance offer, they will enter Clearing.

What your student needs to provide through Clearing

If your student wants to explore their options through Clearing, they should be ready with:

  • their UCAS ID number (and log-in details)
  • their UCAS Clearing number – this will be available on UCAS Hub
  • contact details for the universities they’ve researched and are interested in
  • working pens and some paper
  • a phone charger
  • their personal statement
  • GCSE results – they may be required as part of the entry requirements on their chosen course
  • details of any work experience they have completed that is relevant to the course they wish to apply for.

How to apply through Clearing

Help your student find their perfect course when Clearing opens. We recommend they apply as soon as they can so they'll have more courses to choose from.

To apply through Clearing, they will need to contact the university they wish to apply to directly.

Find out more about the Clearing application process.