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Memory Studies Research Group

Unit(s) of assessment: History

Research theme: Sustainable Futures

School: School of Arts and Humanities


The Memory Studies Research Group brings together colleagues studying how the past is made meaningful in the present – in a wide variety of historical, geographic, cultural, political,


  • Gianluca Fantoni Soldier, Angels and Avengers. A History of the Jewish Brigade (1939 – 1947), forthcoming with McGill-Queen's University Press
  • Jenny Woodley “‘Nothing is lost’: Mourning and memory at the National Memorial for Peace and Justice.” Memory Studies (2022)
  • Jenny Woodley “The Meaning of Emancipation: African American Memory as a Challenge to The Birth of a Nation” in In the Shadow of “The Birth of a Nation”: Race, Reception, Remix, ed. Paul McEwan and Melvyn Stokes (Palgrave Macmillan, 2023), 191-206
  • Jenny Woodley “The Cost of Civil Rights: Loss, Grief, and Death at US Civil Rights Museum” in Museums, Heritage, and Death, ed. Trish Biers and Katie Clary (Routledge, forthcoming, July 2023)
  • Jenny Wüstenberg Slow Memory: Remembering Gradual Change in an Accelerating World (under review with Oxford University Press)
  • Jenny Wüstenberg ‘Taking Stock of Memory Studies’ special issue of Memory Studies, edited with Jeffrey Olick and Aline Sierp (December 2023).
  • Jenny Wüstenberg Routledge Handbook of Memory Activism, edited with Yifat Gutman (2023).
  • Jenny Wüstenberg De-Commemoration - Removing Statues and Renaming Places, edited with Sarah Gensburger (English edition Berghahn Books, French edition Fayard, 2023).

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