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Putting an end to gender-based violence.

The current laws and legislations surrounding street harassment and hate crimes are outdated. Women, girls, and non-binary individuals are much more likely to experience public forms of harassment, and hostile behaviours targeting these groups have been normalised and tolerated for too long.

Our researchers are putting an end to this. Based on a survey originally conducted by NTU researchers in 2016 - and working in collaboration with the University of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Police -  gender-related incidents are now rightly classified as hate crimes by police in Nottinghamshire and other counties. Our researchers are actively campaigning to roll out the new policy nationwide.

This is the very first time that gender has been acknowledged as a motive for hate crime. This means that sentences for offenders will be increased to reflect the fact that the crime committed was motivated by hate toward a specific group of individuals.

NTU is paving the way for victims of gender-related violence to come forward with their stories by influencing cultural and legal approaches to gender-related incidents, hoping to achieve a nation-wide change in how gendered violence is reported and punished.

Safety and Security of Citizens and Society

This project is drawn from the strategic research theme of Safety and Security of Citizens and Society.

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