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NTU Sport behaviour standards


These behaviour standards apply to all members of NTU’s Sports Programmes, including coaches and volunteers. They outline expectations of reasonable behaviour when participating in any NTU sports activity or related social activity. The process and possible sanctions which may be used in the event that sports members do not meet the expectations of reasonable behaviour can be found on the NTU website.


The University expects that students participating in all activities related to sport will at all times demonstrate respect for:

  • Themselves, other students, university staff, external venue staff, volunteers, coaches and officials
  • Laws and culture of the relevant sporting activities
  • Property of NTU Sport and any venue they are visiting.

Participants are also expected to:

  • Value their own performances and that of others and not just results
  • Co-operate with team/club mates and coaches.

NTU Sport Clubs Behaviours

All NTU Sport members agree to abide by the behaviours outlined in the non-exhaustive list below:

  • To adhere to the general rules, regulations and policies of NTU and NTSU (which includes the NTU Student Code of Behaviour, University Health and Safety Policies, Code of Conduct for NTSU Members)
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations of the relevant sports’ governing body, and where necessary the relevant international federations, agreeing to demonstrate sporting behaviour towards opponents, staff and officials at all times
  • To be fair, considerate, honest and respectful to the needs of fellow students, staff, volunteers, coaches and visitors to NTU, in accordance with the NTU Respect & Dignity Policy
  • To respect NTU’s property and that of others (e.g. external facilities and transport providers), and not cause damage to such property or use it for unapproved purposes
  • To never behave violently where this is outside the rules of the sport or deliberately seek to gain an advantage through cheating, or use prohibited substances (please see NTU Sport Statement on anti-doping)
  • To encourage and guide participants to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour
  • To refrain from any behaviour that brings the Club or NTU into disrepute
  • To adhere to the rules and regulations in the NTU Computer Use Regulations Policy and take personal responsibility for their words, images and actions in an online environment
  • To understand that any ‘welcome’ activity for new club members should be inclusive, non-compulsory, and should not in the judgement of NTU Sport make the individuals feel humiliated or degraded
  • Not act in an unlawful manner
  • To understand the repercussions of any breaches of these standards.

It is a requirement of NTU Sport to sign up to these Behaviour Standards in order to become a member of an NTU Sports Programme.

Download our NTU Sport behaviour standards (PDF, 84KB)