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Whether you want to shoot for fun or wish to compete at a national level. Archery is a sport all can get involved with, no matter the age, level of experience or physical ability.

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One of the medium size clubs at NTU, accommodating just around 80 athletes. NTU Archery welcome new members each year. From beginner, who haven't shot before, to those who hold a lot of experience. NTU Archery have been very successful, gaining multiple medals and titles from the British University College Sport events.


NTU Archery attend regular competitions throughout the year both indoor and outdoor in university leagues such as BUTTS (Birmingham University Toxophily and Toucan Society) and BUCS. We aim to ensure that every member who wants to attend these gets the chance too, allowing those newer archers to shoot alongside our experienced ones.

During at least one of our sessions a week we have access to Steve Attwood, who is a county level coach with over 40 years of experience. Steve is an enthusiastic coach, having passion for the club and helps in other areas such as equipment maintenance. The coaching aspect is completely optional, so those who wish to shoot just for fun or do not want to be coached do not have to be.

Our training sessions take place at Lee Westwood Sports Centre at Clifton Campus:

  • Thursday 19:30 - 22:30
  • Saturday 17:00 - 21:00


Archery doesn’t have to mean a big, long-term commitment, we run regular Play for Fun sessions that focus on making sport sociable, inclusive and enjoyable.

There is no requirement to join the club, all sessions must be booked in advance on the NTU Sport App.

Learn more about Play for fun


How to join

With a one-off membership fee of £65 you gain access to our range of club equipment, such as recurve bows, compound Bows and even a longbow, as well as all the other important bits of kit. If you have your own kit, feel free to bring it along to sessions. If you are interested in buying your own equipment, we as a committee will happily help you pick and decide. Memberships purchased at any point during the academic year are only valid until the end of term 3.

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