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We are a small, close-knit club. However, this is not a bad thing. Due to small numbers, 1 to 1 coaching sessions with our coach are available every session. Last year Danielle Lawson won BUCS individuals for Epee. We are currently in the second division for both men's and women’s teams.

Join our Fencing club

Fencing is a fun, fast paced, tactical combat sport that is great for developing your physical strength & agility and improving your self-confidence & mental health. We are a small and developing club at NTU so we welcome anyone of any ability to join us with the majority of our members having started at NTU without any prior experience. One of the best aspects of joining a small club like ours is really getting to know everyone within the club and the lack of cliques that sometimes develop in large clubs with hundreds of members.


We focus on all 3 weapons, Foil, Epée, and Sabre. Each weapon has slightly different rules and styles of combat.

We cater from beginner to advanced. With our flexible approach to training, you are not obliged to come every single week like some other clubs, so if you can’t attend one week it’s never an issue in our club.

At NTU Fencing there are opportunities to compete individually and as a team. We have 2 men’s teams and 1 women’s team that compete regularly in BUCS Leagues and Cups. We also enter as individuals into BUCS Nationals and local competitions for beginner to intermediate competitions.

All training takes place on the Clifton Campus at Lee Westwood Sports Centre. Our session times are as follows:

  • Tuesday: 8-10.30 pm
  • Thursday: 9-10.40 pm
  • Friday: 6-8 pm
  • Saturday: 4-6 pm

How to join

We will be offering taster sessions that can be booked at Freshers Fair or by contacting us.

The total membership cost is £85. Memberships purchased at any point during the academic year are only valid until the end of term 3.

All kit is supplied through the club for free, however, you can wear fencing kit you already own or can buy your own from an approved supplier (Leon Paul, All-Star, or Price Fighters) if you would prefer.


Club email:

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