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Mixed Hockey

Get involved and get active with the Mixed Hockey club at NTU.

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Mixed Hockey is a friendly hockey club that welcomes players of all abilities and backgrounds. With no trials to join, this makes us one of the most inclusive and sociable teams at NTU. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and play a new sport without the pressure. If you are interested please come down and give it a go, as this gives everyone a chance to meet each other and we have spare sticks so anyone can play.

"Mixed hockey is a great way to get involved playing hockey whatever your experience. With a competitive weekend league, play for fun midweek sessions and plenty of weekly socials it’s a great community to be part of.”

NTU Mixed Hockey Alumni


We compete in matches every Sunday in the Warwick Mixed Hockey League against other universities in the local area. These matches are open to anyone on the team no matter what your ability is, giving everyone the opportunity to represent NTU. We also organise regular friendly matches giving new players or players with less confidence an opportunity to play in a competitive setting. Additionally, towards the end of the season Warwick host us at their annual tour, giving everyone a chance to play in the final tournament of the league.


Due to taking players of all backgrounds and abilities, our coach led training sessions cater to people of all confidence levels. This enables us to run smaller skill based sessions for new players, as well as more intense sessions for those who have been playing for longer. This allows all members to work on their skills and develop their ability in the game.

“My favourite part of mixed hockey is that everyone is warmly welcomed into the team and included”

NTU Mixed Hockey Player


We regularly meet up as a club for socials such as going to Ocean every Wednesday, as well as more casual socials and sober socials throughout each term.

How to join

Our one off membership fee of £120 covers twice weekly coached training sessions, access to weekly socials, weekly matches and transport to away games.

If you’re planning to train and play with us in first term, please note the deadline for paying your membership is 10th October 2022. If your membership is not paid by this date then you will not be able to train with us until it is.

There is a small additional charge for match shirts for those regularly competing.

The Sports Access fund is available for students needing some financial support in order to gain membership to the club. Please contact NTU Sport for more details.

“Mixed Hockey has settled me into life at NTU. I have grown as a person, become more confident, met a group of people who I know I can always rely on and formed some of my closest friendships. I can wholeheartedly say that my university experience is so much better as a result of joining the team, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to be a part of it”

NTU Mixed Hockey player

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