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Surf & Wakeboarding

Get involved and get active with watersports at NTU.

Join our Surf & Wakeboarding club

Fancy doing something that you may not have done before? Then look no further as NTU Watersports! Come along to a taster session and try your hand out at the sport.


NTU Watersports combines your love of Wakeboard, Knee boarding, Water skiing and Surfing in one club. Whether you’re new to the sport or have done it before.

Rips are run every term but as you can imagine that we try to run more during the 1st term and 3rd term as the 2nd term can be a bit chilly.

Our Surfers have the opportunity to compete in BUCS representing NTU whilst competing with other universities.

Training takes place at Sheffield cable Water-ski and Aqua Park. We host weekend days trips throughout the year and a Fresher’s trip to Newquay.

How to join

We would recommend coming along to our taster session in order to get a feel for the club and how things are run.

Membership costs £70 plus pay as you go for out trips. Memberships purchased at any point during the academic year are only valid until the end of term 3.


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