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Pole dancing

Life is better upside down! At least that's what we think. Suitable for all shapes, sizes and abilities, pole is a fun and intense way to exercise. Building strength, improving flexibility and improving your mental health. With nationally titled coaches, regular classes and super supportive community you'll be climbing, spinning and inverting in no time. With weekly socials, termly showcases and the option to start competing you'll never be short of ways to get involved. Come join us for your f

Club information

As one of the biggest sports clubs at NTU we have something for everyone. For £115 for the entire year, you have access to as many training sessions as you would like. We cater from beginner to advanced. With our flexible approach to training, you are not obliged to come every single week like some other clubs, so if you can’t make it one week it is not an issue.

For those who wish to take their training to a more serious level, we offer the opportunity compete yearly at inter-university competitions, as well as performing in our show cases. Last year we had our most successful competition season to date with a total of 10 awards being won by our competitors! One of our members also competed in the final of a national competition.

As well as our classes, Trent Pole offers a range of social activities, so you can get to meet many more people outside of classes and across NTU. Our socials last year ranged from skill swaps with other sports clubs, meals out, movie nights and (of course) a weekly trip to Ocean nightclub. This year we have even more exciting socials planned!

If you want to get engaged with the club, please follow the NTU Pole Instagram or join our Facebook group– drop us a message anytime and we will gladly help arrange for when you can get involved!

President Welcome

Hi Everyone, my names Kate and I'm lucky enough to be this years President for NTU Pole.
I was terrified when I first joined, but quickly realised I was surrounded by the most supportive people I could possibly have met.

I'm now going into my 4th year at Pole and want to encourage as many people as possible to take the leap and sign up! As the club is open to all abilities you'll find its an incredibly diverse group where you're sure to make loads of friends, we all help to support and encourage each other as much as possible. With our incredible coaches you'll be amazed how quickly you progress, even if you don't feel strong or flexible to start with, you'll find you surprise yourself!

My favourite part of pole has been performing, whether it's been on the stage in the SU, in the club studio, or in national competitions, I've loved every second and never would have guessed how much 4 years ago.


Being such a popular club means that we have a range of classes so that we can have a time that suits everyone! Our sessions for Term 1 are as follows:

- Monday

  • Committee Session (practise only) – 4-5pm (city studio)

- Tuesday

  • Mixed Ability – 2-3pm (PoleKat)
  • Mixed Ability – 3-4pm (PoleKat)
  • Inter/advanced – 4-5pm (PoleKat)

- Thursday

  • Beginner – 7-8pm (city studio)
  • Inter/ advanced – 8-9pm (city studio)
  • Beginner – 9-10pm (city studio)

- Friday

  • Mixed ability – 3-4pm (Clifton LWSC studio)
  • Mixed ability – 4-5pm (Clifton LWSC studio)
  • Beginners – 6-7pm (city studio)
  • Beginners – 7-8pm (city studio)

- Sunday

  • Stretch and Flex – 3-4pm (city studio)
  • Beginners – 4-5pm (city studio)
  • Beginners – 5-6pm (city studio)

Currently, we have 2 instructors here at NTU Pole. Both of our instructors are X-Pole X-Perts, not only for pole but also for a range of other aerial disciplines.

Firstly, we have Lisa Hammond. Lisa has been poling for quite a few years now, and actually started out whilst she was at university. She has now gone to win several titles, including IPAAT Champion of Champions. Lisa is most known in the pole world for her choreography and flow.

Next up, we have Steph Hewitt. Steph has also competed, making it to the regional finals of prestigious pole competition. She loves to have a dance and despite her bubbly and loving nature, she can get very sassy with her choreography.

We love having them both at Trent Pole because they support all of our members and brings a very high standard of teaching to our classes.

Taster Sessions

Taster sessions will occur during Fresher’s Week:

Tuesday 24th September: (City Studio) 6-9pm

Wednesday 25th September: (Clifton Studio) 6-9pm

Thursday 26th September: (City Studio) 1- 4:30pm

For more information please check the ‘NTU Pole Dancing’ Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

How to join

Our annual subs are £115, which gives you access to as many or as little classes as you’d like all year.

We also offer a termly payment- which will be £80 for term 1, £30 for term 2 and £25 for term 3.


Committee Members:

Kate potts 
Lucy Bevington
Chloe Kingsbury 
Ellie Pritchett 
Rachel Ward 
Chhaya Lad

Email -

Facebook: NTU Pole Dancing

Instagram: @ntupole

Twitter: @NTU poledancing

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418