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Trampolining is a unique sport which enables you to keep fit, tone muscles and learn daring new skills! We are a very laid-back club that is welcoming to anyone and everyone. Whether you are totally new to the sport or an experienced gymnast or specialised trampolining gymnast; we cater for all abilities. We have a fully qualified coach who trains with us every week so you know that you are in good hands. Be it your first ever bounce or your millionth, we would love for you to come and train wit

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Club information

All skill sets are welcome, even if you have never done a day of trampolining and want to try something new! We learn all sorts of fun tricks such as swivel hips and shape bounces to somersaults and flips. Anyone who joins will have the opportunity to get one-on-one training with our club coach, to develop new skills and perfect others.

If you chose to compete, you will have huge support from the entire society and have the chance to medal and mark your achievements. We also offer the optional of extra club training session, with extra cost, which our coach runs externally and has extended the invite to NTU Trampolining.

President Welcome

Hi, my name is Barney and I am the president of the trampolining club for 2020/21. I absolutely love the sport and have been doing it for over a decade. I am a friendly and approachable member and am happy to answer any questions you may have. I joined this club in my first year and have loved being a part of it and meeting loads of new people.

Please come along and say hi, we love introducing new members into our club, whether you are a complete beginner or high-level athlete. Feel free to email me or any of our committee members if you are interested.


We have a coach that joins us for Tuesday training session: Toni. She works with each of us closely to develop our skills.

Matt Dickinson is the new assistant coach.

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

In this last year we have competed in many competitions and achieved multiple medals and successes for everyone! This includes a second and third place in Bucs and medals in other smaller competitions throughout the year.

Practice / meeting schedule

Mondays at Clifton Sports Hall – 16:15 - 18:15
Tuesdays at Clifton Sports Hall – 15:15 - 18:15

Transport to and from Clifton campus on the number 4 NCT Bus. £4.20 for a return ticket.

Taster sessions

We will be doing taster sessions in training times on 29th, 5th and 6th.
- We can allocate people slots if we are over capacity for social distancing.

How to join

We ask if you have an interest in joining NTU Trampolining that you email us using our club email in case you require a taster session which we can then go forward and organise for you.

Membership will cost £100 and you can join online via the NTU Sport website or app

Sports kit

We have club leotards which we as a club can provide you with. However, you will have an opportunity to purchase your own if you would like to. More information will be released regarding this closer to the time that we purchase them.

For training, you can wear your own sports kit that you would wear at a gym. You also need to wear sock at all time when on the trampoline.


Committee Members:

Barney Lazenbury – President

Ella Marcham – Secretary

Megan Curling – Competitions Officer

Bea Gregson – Marketing & Communications Officer

Jemma Kelly – Social & Wellbeing Officer

Maddie Evans – Social & Wellbeing Officer

Thamaya Panditha – Treasurer -

Instagram, Twitter & TikTok: @NTUtrampolining

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418