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Whether you want to shoot for fun or wish to compete at a national level. Archery is a sport all can get involved with, no matter the age, level of experience or physical ability.


Club Information

NTU Archery is a relatively small club here at the university, consisting of casual and competitive shooters. Alongside are normal training sessions, we also have numerous socials throughout the year, having weekly get togethers after sessions and meet ups during the week. These are open to everyone at the club, from members who are only there occasionally to the competitive members.

We attend regular competitions throughout the year both indoor and outdoor, in both university leagues such as BUTTS (Birmingham University Toxophily and Toucan Society) and BUCS, to other county leagues consisting of other county clubs. We aim to ensure that every member who wants to attend these gets the chance too, allowing those newer archers to shoot alongside our experienced ones. Outside of target archery, we also give the options of doing other styles of archery competitions, such as clouts and field.

President Welcome

I have been with club for 2 years now and started in my second year. From the start the club was a friendly place to be and is one of the many reasons why I stayed at the club. Originally, I was slightly hesitant to engage, both socially, and actively in competitions however that was soon changed and now I am attending many of the socials and most of the competitions. I have done many things while at the club such as serving on the committee last year as our club’s coaching and development officer. Furthermore, through the socials I have developed friendships which I would happily say will last past my time at the university.


During at least one of our sessions a week we have access to Steve Attwood, who is a level 2 coach with over 40 years of experience. Steve is an enthusiastic coach, having passion for the club and helps in other areas such as equipment maintenance.

The coaching aspect is completely optional, so those who wish to shoot just for fun or do not want to be coached do not have to be.

British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS)

As mentioned above, as a club we do participate in two BUCS competitions, one inside and one outside. The indoor competition is held in 2nd term, while the outside competition is held in the final one and consists of two days.

Practice / meeting schedule

Term One

Monday: Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Clifton campus, 20:15 - 22:15
Friday: Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Clifton campus, 17:15 - 20:00
Saturday: Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Clifton campus, 11:15 - 14:00
Sunday: Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Clifton campus, 16:00 - 19:45

Taster Sessions

We run our primary taster sessions the week after Welcome Week. We also run a Play-4-Fun session every Friday 5.30 pm – 6:30 pm in the Lee Westwood Sports Centre. It is a wonderful opportunity to come and try archery in a fun and relaxed environment.

To book a space please sign up via the NTU app.

How to Join

With a one-off membership fee of £65 you gain access to our range of club equipment, such as recurve bows, compound Bows and even a longbow, as well as all the other important bits of kit.

Sports Kit Information

Kit is not an essential, as we have multiple bows and equipment in which we can lend out during sessions, however if you wish to bring your own kit this is fine too. If you are interested in buying your own equipment, we as a committee will happily help you pick and decide.

Bursary / Funding Information

The Outdoor Activity Bursary is designed to provide financial support in order to assist NTU Students to achieve NGB Instructional Awards, Level 2 equivalent or higher, while studying at University. Successful recipients of a grant will be expected to play an integral part in the development and training of other students within their chosen activity and club. All applicants will be required to submit an application form.


Committee Members:

Tom Kirkbride 
Hannah Castleman 
Connor O'Neill 
Heather Armour
Hywel Jenkins 
Joe Last 
Martyn Gray

Committee email: 

Facebook –

Instagram @ntu_archery

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418