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Rugby Union (Women's)

We’ve all watched it on TV; why not get involved? It’s all about the team. Positions for every individual, regardless of shape, size and experience. We’re one of the most welcoming clubs, who provide a great stress relief and an opportunity to make life-long friends along the way. We cater for both experienced players and newcomers to the sport, through our varying teams.

Club information

For both experienced players and newcomers, we offer first team and second team positions to fit with the ability of each individual.

Rugby is a full-contact sport; however, safety precautions are taken to ensure everyone's safety. You will be playing alongside others of a similar ability, which ensures a gradual introduction into the sport. We compete in both the BUCS league and a play cup games, which provides us with many games throughout the season.

Alongside this, we have social events regularly throughout the year, which includes our annual boat ball whereby awards are presented.

President Welcome

My name is Tayla Ihlenfeldt and it is an honour to be the president for Nottingham Trent Women's Rugby. As I approach the end of my journey here at Trent, my third and final year - with all three years dedicated to TWR (Trent Women's Rugby),  I thought why not run the club for one last time.

I have been chucking around egg-shaped balls since I was five years old, the only sport I haven't got bored of yet and I can assure you, you won't get bored in this club.

I've seen players who haven't stepped a foot onto a rugby pitch before and develop into phenomenal players and similarly seen players who were like me and have played before but came to Trent to continue their passion.

If you want to try a sport that tests you physically and mentally then TWR is for you...
I hope to see you on the pitch soon!


We train as one group, however during specific drills we split according to your own judgement of your ability. This means there is an absence of team divide between the first and second teams.

Our Head Coach is Matthew Thomas, who has been working with NTU for a number of years. He allows a gradual development in a new sport, always aiming for full enjoyment of rugby.

British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

We are currently fielding two teams in BUCS- Nottingham Trent 1st Women’s are in the Midlands 2A league, there was an increasing success throughout last season allowing the team to finish fourth in the league.

Moreover, our development team Nottingham Trent 2nd Women’s are in the Midlands 3A league, last season reflected a strong improvement in their own abilities.

Practice / meeting schedule

Our main training sessions run on a Mondays at West Bridgford rugby club, (Stamford Rd, West Bridgford, NG2 6GF), which is also the location of our home games.

There are direct buses (number 6 and 7) to West Bridgford (stops Nearsby drive and Glenmore) from city. On Away games there will be a provided bus that meets are at Dryden street in city and Lee Westwood centre at Clifton.

Taster sessions

A taster session will run in Freshers’ week for anyone interested in Rugby- see our social media pages for details or find us at the Freshers’ sport fair if you want a chat.

Furthermore, we also aim to run RFU Inner warrior taster sessions each term for girls who want to try out rugby.

However, if there are no upcoming taster events don’t hesitate to get in contact and come to our training sessions held every Monday during the season- everyone is welcome.

How to join

Everyone is welcome to join TWR at any time in the year- to become a full member of the team the annual subs are £100. Plus, a £25 in your first year on the team, this is for the playing shirt you are given when you graduate Trent. This can be paid into any of the NTU sport desks. – this information will also be replicated at the Freshers’ week taster session.

For any further information on how to join contact either any of our social media pages.

Sports kit information

The NTU rugby shorts and socks can be bought at Lee Westwood sport centre in Clifton.

£25 for the playing shirt that will be provided on match days, you will be able to keep once you have graduated Trent.
Gum shields and boots will be required throughout the season.


Facebook: Nottingham Trent Women’s Rugby
Twitter: @NTUWomensRugby
Instagram: @trentwomensrugby

President - Tayla Ihlenfeldt 
Secretary - Poppy Lacey 
Treasurer - Rebecca Paramor  
Marketing & Communications Officer - Libby Robinson
Social & Well-Being Officers Harriet Lewis and Izzy Legg

Don't want to join, but still want to play? Try our Play for Fun sessions 

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Still need help?

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