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Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)

The Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) promotes excellence in learning and teaching, and supports our strategic plan University, reimagined.

What is TILT?

Established in 2015, the Trent Institute for Learning & Teaching (TILT) is an initiative that supports excellence in learning and teaching at NTU. Over the years it has grown to be a highly regarded inclusive community for everyone. We help create opportunities for staff to develop, share, inspire and innovate together. TILT is at the forefront of emerging learning and teaching themes within the sector.

It gives NTU colleagues the chance to showcase the work they are doing to enhance learning and teaching, which in turn raises their profile at NTU and across the sector. As a community we support NTU's University, Reimagined strategy.

The TILT values

TILT supports staff to enhance their practice through funded schemes, online and in-person community events and themed scholarship groups. It enables staff to showcase their work by presenting at events, gaining accreditation with the Advance HE and recognition through the Vice Chancellor's Awards for Excellence. Our values are guided by the following principles:


TILT and staff activities visible / recognisable within NTU and the wider HE sector, as a community engaged in excellence in learning and teaching.


TILT offers a range of opportunities for development, for example; funding, sharing best practice and showcasing work to the sector.


TILT encourages colleagues to be bold and creative in introducing new learning and teaching practices.


TILT creates a genuine community of HE professionals that supports, inspires and facilitates their professional development.


TILT supports colleagues in delivering excellence in teaching and learning providing students with the best possible outcomes.

What TILT has to offer

Vice-Chancellor's Awards

TILT supports the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Teaching and Scholarship at NTU which recognise excellence in these areas. Winning an award is an esteemed mark of recognition that demonstrates awardees have made a significant contribution to the culture of inspirational learning and teaching at NTU.


TILTOnline is our online space for all things TILT and provides a variety of content to support learning and teaching development and grow the culture of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at NTU. You will need to be an existing NTU student or member of staff to access this.

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The TILT Sabbatical Scheme provides individuals, pairs or groups of colleagues with the funded opportunity to pursue scholarship that will advance the strategic aims of the university and impact positively on learning and teaching at NTU and across the sector.

Scholarship Projects for Undergraduate Researchers (SPUR)

The SPUR scheme offers funded opportunities for NTU students to collaborate with academic staff on cutting edge research projects in a shared field of interest. Working together allows for the development of new knowledge that can feed into the curriculum, enhance the student academic experience and be shared with the wider community.

Seedcorn Fund

The Seedcorn Fund provides colleagues with a small amount of seed funding for preliminary ‘blue sky’ exploratory Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) projects that have potential to develop into more substantial projects in the future.

Student-Staff Co-Creation fund

The Student-Staff Co-Creation Fund is intended to provide students (in partnership with a member of staff) with a small amount of funding for projects focusing on learning and teaching.

All award types, and Practice and Scholarship Groups, result in scholarly outputs including internal and external seminars, practice-exchange and networking events, learning resources, conference presentations, and publications. These activities and outputs sustain and grow our rich culture of SoTL at NTU, inform learning and teaching NTU policy and practice, and contribute to national and international discussions around learning and teaching so that everyone, no matter their background, can succeed in Higher Education.

Get involved

NTU staff can find out more about TILT by accessing our page on Thrive. Here you will find all guidance, documents, application forms and more. You will need to be an existing NTU student or member of staff and use your NTU login details to access this.

Find out more about TILT on Thrive

Get in touch

If you have any queries about TILT, please contact us by email at