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John van Geest Cancer Research Centre

Our goal

Can you imagine a world where everyone who gets cancer survives?

A world, where families are no longer torn apart by a disease that will affect one in two of us in our lifetime? A world where aggressive cancers are diagnosed simply, and we know the best treatment, without the need for invasive procedures?

We want to see a world where we diagnose cancer more effectively, predict how it will develop and respond to treatment and boost the immune system to fight it.

This is why the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre is so important.

What we do

Immunotherapy is our speciality and an exciting and rapidly developing area. It has the potential to significantly improve the management of cancer and help patients live longer and healthier lives.

Scientists at the centre have identified specific genes and proteins that have commonalities in all types of cancers. This invaluable research is helping us to look at cancer as a whole rather than specific to a particular area and has the potential to help us make some incredible breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer.

Previous research has allowed us to determine which breast cancer patients will benefit from different therapies. This means that we will be able to tell whether a certain type of breast cancer will respond to chemotherapy before treatment begins.

It could mean saving someone from the ordeal of chemotherapy if we know it won’t work anyway.

The centre’s work has also led to the development of a new blood test that allows for early diagnosis of prostate cancer. This blood test works by monitoring the immune system’s response to the presence of cancer and could eliminate the need for invasive procedures like biopsies altogether.

Our current priority areas include prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukaemia and aggressive brain cancer as there is a real and urgent need for new approaches to treat these aggressive, life-threatening cancers which are resistant to current therapies.

How you can help

We cannot do any of this without the support of our donors and volunteer fundraisers.

We are entirely dependent on donations and the generosity of our supporters to continue our ground-breaking work.

There are many ways you can support the work of the centre.

You can set up a regular gift, make a single gift, leave a legacy or take part in an event in support of the centre.

Nottingham Trent University covers the centre’s overheads, and as such, 100% of donations go to life-saving cancer research.

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Thank you for supporting the JvGCRC at NTU. Your much appreciated donation allows our team to work in innovative and collaborative ways to fight back against cancer and find treatments that will save lives. You can catch up on some of our latest newsletters below.

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