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About TILT

The Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) promotes excellence in learning and teaching, and supports our strategic plan Creating the University of the Future.

The Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT) is an innovative community dedicated to sharing practice and interdisciplinary exchange. This community of practice in learning and teaching promotes the principles of participative, sustained and shared endeavour.

Through TILT we enhance exchange to enable colleagues from across subject disciplines to share their knowledge and experiences. TILT recognises academics who are leading teachers and support all academics to achieve career positioning based on learning and teaching distinction.

As a participant in the TILT community you will:

  • work with colleagues to plan and run exciting activities
  • participate in a programme of engaging events
  • develop a scholarly approach to learning and teaching
  • create opportunities to share and develop practice.

If you would like further information about TILT, please email TILT.

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TILT Enquiries
+44(0)115 848 2100