The History Subject Area at NTU engages in a wide range of research, temporally and geographically, situated within the School of Arts and Humanities.


Research Contact: Dr Natasha Hodgson

The History Subject Area specialises in a number of disciplines. From the Crusades and the Latin East to the Americas, and from the sixteenth to twentieth centuries, with strengths in medieval and early modern European history, the history of technology in a global context, and nineteenth and twentieth century European studies.


The main research activity sits within the Centre for the Study of Religion and Conflict. This centre has been established in order to increase understanding of the origins, ideology, implementation, impact and historiography of religion and conflict in the medieval and early modern periods. Conflicts exhibiting religious elements incorporate not just military engagements but also social, political, cultural and economic forms of historical data, forming a common strand between Medieval and Early Modern worlds.

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