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Korfball is a fantastic game of speed, intensity, and an eye for a good time. We are a mix gendered sport, based at the City Students' Union (SU).

Join our Korfball club

NTU Korfball has made unprecedented progress within the last few years and is looking to go one better with your help this year! We hold many opportunities to travel the country in competition and to make great friends along the way. We are aside from the so-called main stream sports boasting a very friendly community throughout the Korfball world, attracting everyone to come together and unleash our competitive side!

We are a relatively new club of four years after development from play for fun into a competitive national BUCs side. There are roles for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned pros, so don't worry if you have never played before.

We train twice a week so come on down and check us out. Many people are curious to see what we are about. Recently we have been promoted in our domestic league as well as in BUCs finishing the highest in club history last year. We are looking to go one better this coming season.

This year we will be training on Mondays and Thursdays. However, what makes us accessible is that our league games are played on the weekends so you can still play mid-week BUCs as well!

Monday's session is 6 pm - 7 pm in the City SU. Thursday's session is 7 pm - 8 pm in the City SU.

Weekend home games are also at the City SU, whilst away fixtures are around the midlands area! Come wearing a sports kit you're ready to get sweaty in!

Membership and additional costs available upon asking.


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